Jun 29, 2023
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Pet Adoption - a platform uniting people and pets

2-3 months
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Holidog is the #1 European digital brand for pet care services, currently operating in 12 countries. They wanted to help people meet with their new pets. Our partner needed fast and professional help in delivering the product to the market. Pet Adoption - a platform for people who want to buy or adopt a pet and people who have pets ready for adoption or sale. Platform functionality includes advanced search with a lot of params, search based on location, direct messages between members of the platform, and payment integration and arbitrage.


The solution is built using Next.js, a powerful React framework for server-side rendering and building robust web applications. Firebase is utilized as the backend infrastructure, providing real-time data synchronization, secure authentication through Firebase Auth, and efficient storage and retrieval of pet and user data. Additionally, the SendGrid API is integrated to handle email notifications and communication between users, ensuring timely updates and notifications regarding adoption inquiries, responses, and other important information. Pet Adoption platform offers a user-friendly interface, advanced search capabilities, secure communication channels, and seamless payment integration to create a reliable and efficient platform for individuals looking to adopt or sell pets.


Pet Adoption is a comprehensive platform designed to connect individuals interested in buying or adopting cats and dogs with pet owners looking to find a suitable home for their pets. This platform offers a range of functionalities to facilitate the adoption and sale process. One of the key features is an advanced search system that allows users to refine their search based on various parameters such as breed, age, gender, and size. This enables potential pet owners to find the perfect match based on their specific preferences. Location-based search functionality is also implemented, enabling users to find pets available for adoption or sale in their local area. This ensures convenience and reduces the distance between pet owners and potential adopters.