Dec 21, 2022
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7-12 months
Germany, Berlin
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Software Development
Mobile Development
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Web Development
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Objective – C


Our client’s requirement was to develop a solution that would automate the work of laboratory staff, help increase the laboratory organization efficiency and reduce the number of errors and manual operations. The system should be designed for complex automation of the principal activity of the laboratory network. The flexibility and scalability of the System should ensure that for many years there will be the ability to expand functionality, adapt to legal and operational changes as well as handle an ever-growing number of users.


Solution delivered: enver Laboratory Information Management System is being developed and implemented as a segment of a single information system of interrelated projects, with the possibility of interaction with other laboratory information systems. The system allows to organize the operative and effective access to patients information. It also allows to carry out control over the work of laboratory units, minimize the time spent on the functions of monitoring the implementation of appointments and increase their reliability.


Core features: ● automation of the processes of formation of the application for laboratory research, processing of inquiries for diagnostics; ● integration with the accounting system, materials and electronic documents data transfer, formation of analytical reporting and goods balance; ● search and view of information about patients, laboratory assistants, physicians; ● registration and archiving of biomaterial samples; ● automatic formation of laboratory logs; ● automatic control over research results; ● formation of research results;