Feb 22, 2024
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RNR - Recruit and Refer

RNR - Recruit and Refer

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United States, Boston
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Many recruiters and small agencies struggle to establish themselves due to inconsistent job pipelines and limited access to quality job openings. This inconsistency hinders their growth and financial stability, making it challenging to build a sustainable agency or improve personal livelihoods.


We crafted RNR, a transformative platform tailored for recruiters across North America. Developed with advanced .NET technology, RNR provides a consistent and reliable job pipeline. This solution is engineered to support recruitment professionals in establishing and expanding their own agencies, enhancing operational capabilities. Our innovative approach is designed to foster entrepreneurship within the HR and recruitment sectors, empowering users to capitalize on their expertise for financial independence and significant business growth. Through RNR, ModelingEvolution offers the necessary tools and framework for recruiters to excel and transform their career paths.


Thousands of recruiters have dramatically improved their lives and financial situations through RNR. Agencies, such as Vikas M.'s in Seattle, leverage RNR's roles to ensure all team members are actively engaged in closing deals. The platform's impact is evident in the personal and professional successes reported by users, from purchasing new homes to enjoying well-deserved vacations. RNR continues to contribute positively to the community by fostering entrepreneurial growth and financial independence among recruitment professionals.