Feb 01, 2023
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Automation of data management for a commercial farm

4-6 months
Poland, Krakow
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Harvest quality and the result of the client’s activity are directly linked to the accuracy of data at every stage of the production process. Post-harvest handling was negatively impacted by paper-based data storing, absence of an integrated process, loss of archived data, and complexity of its analysis. Our partner turned to us with a custom software development idea that would help them: - calculate production costs and record inventory; - minimize errors and streamline data collection and analysis; - compare economic indicators of different crops; - optimize the cost of production of agricultural products; - improve after-sales client servicing.


The software was built in advance of the plan and our team managed to incorporate: - transition to the cloud system of data storage that enabled the search for the necessary information among large amounts of data in a couple of clicks; - monitoring of all the key workflow tasks that are essential for calculating product costs, inventory management, and organization of the entire work process; - functionality that enabled to assess efficiency and analyze profitability of specific decisions during crop cultivation; - automation and reduction of complex workflow processes, optimization of time and resources for the implementation of redundant tasks;


Our partner noticed a major boost in quality indicators and results in every aspect of their activity. The software was successfully launched and has already shown: - an increase in performance of the most problematic processes by 3,5 times; - growth of the quantity and quality of certain crops on average by 51%; - decrease in production costs on average by 23%.