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Aug 10, 2023
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bachay.com Website

2-3 months
Pakistan, Karachi
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Web Development
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bachay.com faced the challenge of creating a comprehensive platform catering to the needs of parents in emerging markets. The goal was to merge community and ecommerce seamlessly, offering a multifaceted experience. Integrating a multivendor ecommerce store alongside parenting tools like diet plans, baby kick counters, and essential trackers such as vaccination and teething schedules presented a complex task. Ensuring accessibility and user-friendly navigation while providing valuable content and products was crucial.


To address these challenges, bachay.com created an integrated platform that combined community and ecommerce elements. The website featured a multivendor store and parenting tools like diet plans, baby kick counters, and essential trackers. The design prioritized accessibility, user-friendliness, and an engaging interface to enhance user experience.


The implemented solution led to significant results for bachay.com. The fusion of community and ecommerce established a unique hub for parents in emerging markets. The platform's convenience and valuable tools elevated user engagement, resulting in increased participation, extended visit durations, and elevated transactions. The thriving online community fostered connections among parents, solidifying bachay.com's status as a vital resource.