Jul 20, 2021
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Telemedicine App

4-6 months
United States, Rochester, New York
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Web Development
Mobile Development
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Business Software
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A reputed hospital chain employed Scalan Labs to develop a telemedicine app for helping patients to seamlessly interact with healthcare providers in a virtual environment; from any location. The client needed a HIPAA compliant platform that would deliver high-quality digital healthcare, 24×7.


We developed two different apps – patient, and doctors app. In addition, a separate backend software were built for the admin (the hospital), for managing the administrative tasks. The patient app is designed to be extremely user friendly with features like a personal health profile (gets automatically updated from the admin panel on signing up from the app), doctor profiles for selecting a doctor, widgets for booking doctor appointments, sending payments, and so on. The doctor app includes features for creating profiles, scheduling appointments, sharing prescriptions, collecting payments, viewing feedback, etc. Reminders and checklists are also part of the app.


The telemedicine app proved to be a game-changer for patients, especially for those living in remote areas, as they could consult doctors online for common ailments and also for preventive and post hospitalization care. This saved them time, money and effort needed to visit the hospital.