Jul 22, 2021
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Mobile App Dev & Partnership for Insurance Company

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Mobile Development
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Banking & Financial Services
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Enterprise Software


Our main goal was to create a mobile interaction channel to Ingosstrakh`s clients. This app had to allow them to purchase insurance policies and manage acquired products without visiting office or even website. The clients can draw up insurance policies on their mobile phones, conduct car inspections themselves (as needed for the car insurance policies –comprehensive car insurance policies). The application also acts as a platform for bringing new products and services to the market. Ingosstrakh was the first on the Russian market to aspire toward a totally remote and comprehensive car insurance draw-up process. Transitioning such complex processes to the internet had been deemed impossible.


IngoMobile is a leading mobile service on the Russian insurance market. It provides the company’s new and existing clients with swift and convenient mobile access to insurance services. 265 000 people are using this app right now, and every day they draw up and renew policies and other insurance services with no need to visit an Ingosstrakh office. Over the last several years, Ingosstrakh Company and True Engineering have created new online products and services for the insurance market using this application; in fact, they gave rise to new market trends and other market players are trying to catch us up.


500 Sales a day. 59 000 Active users During the pandemic, this service helped clients register more than 50% of their losses, using a mobile application, while the company's offices were closed The awards: COMNEWS AWARDS 2020 Best Digital Finance Solution Tagline Awards 2018 "Golden Application 2017”
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