Tow trucks are dependent on the satisfaction of the people, whether it is on a crowded street in the afternoon or on a deserted street in the night. The starting of businesses like the building of a tow truck app like Uber can be quite beneficial and profitable for the business owners. These apps can provide services like roadside assistance, tow breakdown cars, tow for a certain shop or repair business etc. For this, the apps need to work through tow truck dispatch software for efficiency and quick service.

However, to build a tow truck app like Uber, planning and strategizing the different stages well play a vital role in the business being successful later on.

Strategy and Learning

The business should have a clear strategy ahead and a well laid out plan that needs to be executed efficiently and successfully, thus helping the expansion of the business. This includes deciding on specification of the business and learning as much as you can before you go ahead and start the business. This would prevent any slip ups and accidents in the future. The basics that you should have prior knowledge of are things like the cost of starting a tow truck app like Uber. These involve the purchase of a tow truck that would be employed in the task of towing. The coordination will be done by a tow truck dispatch software and the business also needs some mandatory paperwork regarding licenses that grant them the permission for carrying out these services. These permissions pertain to state authorities and the relevant departments that your app and services fall under. The owners need to find out the permits and licenses that need to be acquired so that there might be no difficulties in the future once the business is up and running.

The target audience needs to be identified through different means as the tow trucks might be called on by government authorities as well as individuals who might be stuck on the road with a breakdown car. The business can involve services like providing roadside assistance to people to increase their revenues and thus incur profits too. These could repair minor inconveniences without the need to tow the vehicles to the repair shop. There is also the need to decide the brand name for your app and business that would be interesting and would make the customers look you up.

Incorporation of Features:

The features on an app should be helpful and convenient to both the customers and the business. For the customers, it is important to create a login system that would verify the user and provide them with an account to call on the tow truck services through. This helps businesses in understanding customers and conveniences the customers as they do not have to go through a long process when they are in dire need of a tow truck. This can be done through a search option provided to the users of the app so that they can find out the nearest service to their location. Then the customer would be able to book the service after being shown the price and the estimated time of arrival of the tow truck through one click. As far as the payment is concerned, it can be done like on any other tow truck app like Uber, i.e. through credit or debit cards and other online payment methods available. There should also be a feature informing the customer when the services are over and the final amount they need to pay.

Similarly, there should be features on the app for the drivers of the tow truck so that they and the business are able to work in conformity to provide the services to customers. This involves the businesses incorporating tow truck dispatch software. The app should have the feature to register the drivers who would be in charge of certain tow trucks and would ask for their personal details so that background checks can be conducted to verify the drivers. This would provide the drivers with their own account which would inform them about the location of the vehicles that need to be towed, letting them accept or reject the bookings that customers have made. Their account should feature their ratings, payments and a set of instructions related to towing and customer experiences. There should be a map in the application that would help the drivers reach their location at a fast pace. The final features should pertain to the business and manage both the driver and customer apps, which would help in solving driver and customer complaints at the same time. These features make this a tow truck app like Uber displaying enhanced features for the convenience of both the drivers and customers.

Enhance The App by Building On Features

There are many features available on apps and therefore, there might be a list of features available on your tow truck app and you have to decide the ones which are necessary for the app. For this, you might need to question the importance of features like the chat feature while filing a complaint is necessary because of lack of patience in the customers nowadays while calling. There should be a feature to ensure that the app can be shared via invites to the user’s phone or social media contacts. Regular updates to the app might be helpful for better working of the application so that the customers can easily book a tow truck when they need it.    

Be Better Than Your Competitors:

The launch of a tow truck app is comparatively something quite recent but with all services now shifting online, there will surely be more and more competition for a tow truck app like Uber, thus leaving no option but to be aware of other apps that might be coming up or have been launched and try to provide a better customer experience than the other apps. This will make the customers choose to install and use your app instead of the others. You can also have a look at the other apps and try to better some features that they have for the convenience of the customers. You can also offer some more features and functions to rank your app higher than the others.

Do a Tester Before The Actual App Development:

For an application to work, there should be a structure and layout decided beforehand for the features to be fit in. This assists in determining the alignment between the features and the functions performed to enable these features. For example, the business might think of the things the customer needs to do to book a tow truck or put forward a complaint, but unless the business tries to put themselves in the place of the customers and tries the functions that enable different features, they would not know if the app is convenient and easy to navigate for the customers. While doing so, you might come across some difficulties which you might want to remove. There is a need to combine software like a tow truck dispatch software for further convenience and brisk provision of services. Below are some essentials while building the app.

  • Licenses: When the app is launched, a lot of tow truck shops will want to join hands with the application to provide tow truck services to the customers. The app should provide these brands with their own licenses for their brands that will be valid forever. This excludes the requirement to renew these which can be tiresome.
  • Ratings for brands: There will be many brands and shops offering tow truck services. However, the analysis tools in the app might help the customers in making a choice by providing stars and ratings to the different brands, so that the customers choose the best nearest to them.
  • Driver achievements: The app should also provide the details about drivers to the customers like the number of five star services they have offered and their rankings. This helps the customers learn the recent history of the drivers.
  • Tracking of the drivers: This proves feasible for the customers to track the location of their tow trucks and the estimated time for their arrival. It would also make them aware if there are trucks near their location when they are in the middle of an emergency.

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