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Last updated: July 2024

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iOS as a leading operating system

One of the most popular operating systems in the world, iOS, was developed by no less popular multinational tech company Apple. iOS is the main operating system of Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads, and iWatches, which provides the availability of applications programmed in Objective-C and Swift languages. iOS development services are the second most used one in the world after Android. Every year iOS, new and updated versions are released, and this year's stable version is iOS 16. 

iOS development technology

IOS development companies should use Xcode - the main GUI to write apps. Xcode comes with the iOS SDK, different tools, features, and frameworks in stock that every developer may need for making the design, development, coding, and debugging process of an iOS app. Xcode plays a huge role in Apple's improvement and is considered the center of everything in Apple. Many iOS development companies broadly use Xcode because of its easy usage and flexibility, and they request no payment for it. 

The tech world is changing daily, and the global smartphone market is predicted to grow faster in the next few years. This leads to a more active demand for new and unique apps. It's not a secret that Apple is a leading company in the world, supposing that iOS development companies continue to be in great demand. 

Reasons to become an iOS developer

  • iOS development program is free – signing up for Apple's developer program is now free of any charge. The only thing a developer should have is a macOS system. 
  • Demand for innovative apps grows – businesses and iOS development companies continually search for an excellent specialist to create cutting-edge mobile apps. 
  • iOS development services – a wide range of tools and services are promising for any developer striving to have a good career who will benefit from the services and gain much experience.
  • No limits – many developers love iOS as it comes with no restrictions and can be compared to a white canvas and a painter, who is entirely free in his choices. Any type of app can be created with the opportunity to show creativity. 
  • Bright future – Apple is a growing company, iOS is always in demand, and many iOS development companies are established yearly. 

Best companies for iOS development

We analyzed the leading companies that develop mobile applications for iOS devices and presented a list of the most reputable and well-known companies.

Developing iOS apps is not that easy. The companies working on it should master the Apple IDE. Anyway, good iOS development companies should provide efficient, valuable and well-executed services:

  • iOS Development Consulting – an expert consultation with the iOS development company's team should be done before passing to the primary development process. This is done to make things clear for the client and give high-level advice on developing iOS apps.
  • Development of custom applications – full-service iOS app development companies are capable of handling the creation of customized projects that can enrich the audience.
  • UX/UI Design – iOS app designers should create and develop the interface style for each app to match Apple's UI standards. iOS development services also provide navigation, feedback, authentication, and other UX features, making perfect and effortless applications.
  • Support and maintenance of the applications – developing companies should always keep this iOS development service in mind. Higher-performance companies include testing and error-fixing services while keeping the iOS app working smoothly and regularly checking the performance.
  • Other services – app development for Apple devices including iPhone, Apple TV, and iPad, iOS app integration, application development for FinTech, healthcare, and eCommerce are also included in the iOS development services list.