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Last updated: July 2024

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What is Node JS Development?

An open-source platform with a JavaScript engine and code intended to cultivate network applications is the direct meaning of the Node.js platform. Node.js development companies cooperate with non-blocking event-driven servers. Moreover, it may be announced as an excellent selection for building and maintaining IoT-based applications, video streaming sites, online chat applications, or single-page web applications. 

Node.js was founded by OpenJS Foundation and Microsoft Corporation in 2009, and till now works for Linux, macOS, Windows, SmartOS, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and IBM AIX operating systems.  

Node.js developers love the programming platform because it is skillful enough to develop massive apps that should sustain multiple simultaneous requests. Node.js continues to lead the market and stays the most used programming platform dedicated to building and growing web applications. 

What major companies use Node.js?

Many illustrious companies, such as PayPal, Uber, Netflix, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Trello, Walmart, and Twitter, pick to cooperate with Node.js development companies just because of the winning solution suggestions to any challenges, a big part of which are platform related. After a short period of cooperation with Node.js development companies, Netflix, LinkedIn, and PayPal announced that download time savings were satisfying enough.

IT company leads are only hiring Node.js developers who are experienced and well-based in the high-performance web app creation industry. To guide those companies searching for a proficient developer or those developers seeking to change their job, you may have a look at the top Node.js development companies list. It will help you make a worthy decision and continue to build a career in one of those outstanding companies.

Best Node.js development company in 2023

Among hundreds of Node.js development companies, Techreviewer made a list of top companies specializing in Node.js that can be considered reliable Node.js companies. The Techreviewer team chose companies that can be noted as experienced Node.js developers who master their skills at a high level. These companies can provide experts who will invest their talent in developing web applications, creating great design and providing maintenance services. 

Node.js popularity

The main reason for Node.js development companies’ popularity can be the presence of JavaScript, one of the great languages for writing new projects. Many developers insist that JavaScript is one of the best frameworks that could be based on any web application. Node.js web development support only JavaScript and allows code to run outside the browser. This platform allows Node.js development companies to run code from the command line of any of the common OS.

This comes as no surprise that a big part of Node.js developers and companies use only JavaScript programming language extensively used in many web development companies, which is why changing the working platform to Node.js can be completed smoothly. And this is another point that indicates that the primary language used by Node.js is preferred by thousands of web developers and Node.js development companies.

Node.js key services

Various development services are another thing that makes Node.js development companies stay loyal to the platform:

  • Custom Node.js Development – programmers can easily create applications of different volumes and difficulties.
  • Node.js maintenance – a broad spectrum of various Node.js maintenance services are given by Node.js development companies that are eligible to work on error corrections and provide emergency optimization assistance.
  • Dedicated Node.js development team – in many cases, it takes no longer to hire well-qualified Node.js developers, ready to start app development from zero.
  • Application improvement – Node.js will never accept poorly written products, as their performance is also on a poorer level. Node.js helps many companies will be able to refactor existing applications, better productivity and meet industry norms.
  • Other development services – Node.js development companies include API development, Node.js consulting, web and mobile application building, and online store development.

Main features of Node.js:

  1. Speed. One of the main advantages of Node.js is speed. JavaScript code executed in Node.js can be twice as fast as code written in compiled languages like C or Java, and interpreted languages like Python or Ruby. The reason for this is the non-blocking architecture of the platform. Node.js is a very fast platform.
  2. Simplicity. Node.js platform is easy to learn and use. In fact, it is downright very simple, especially when compared to some other server platforms.
  3. JavaScript support. Node.js runs JavaScript code. This means that millions of front-end developers who already use JavaScript in the browser can write both server-side and client-side code in the same programming language without having to learn a whole new tool to move to server-side development.
  4. V8 engine. At the core of Node.js, among other solutions, is Google's open source V8 JavaScript engine, which is used in Google Chrome and other browsers. This means that Node.js development companies are taking advantage of thousands of engineers who made the JavaScript Chrome runtime incredibly fast and continue to work towards improving V8.
  5. Asynchrony. In traditional programming languages (C, Java, Python, PHP), all instructions are blocking by default unless the Node js developer explicitly takes care of executing the code asynchronously. As a result, if, for example, in such an environment, you make a network request to download some JSON code, the execution of the stream from which the request is made will be suspended until the response is received and processed.
  6. Libraries. Thanks to the simplicity and ease of use with a package manager for Node.js called npm, the Node.js ecosystem is thriving. There are now over half a million open source packages in the npm registry that any Node.js development company can freely use.