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Last updated: April 2024

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Frequently Asked Questions

Webflow is the right choice for website projects that require plenty of customizations. The platform will be ideal for landing pages, event sites, corporate websites, and microsites. 

However, it has some potential limitations, like the inability to alter code functionality and the lack of a mobile app. Unlike regular CMS services, the platform does not allow changes to the design or content to be made through a dedicated app.

Further, third-party integrations are not supported by the platform, which can limit the customization and functionality of the website project. Webflow is not ideal for sites that have large amounts of data and real-time data. It is also not for complex eCommerce sites. 

User-friendly design, integrated CMS, and stunning visuals are highlights of using Webflow that have businesses looking to migrate to the platform. The process is not a difficult one and requires a few steps. 

The first step in migration is exporting the content from the existing website, using a migration tool like WP CSV plugin, and exporting the content to Webflow. After importing, the content should be edited for SEO elements to maintain the website's ranking. 

For better user experience and conversions, Google Analytics should be integrated into the website using Google Tag Manager. The next step is setting up 301 redirects, which will minimize the loss of backlinks and prevent visitors from landing on malfunctioning pages. 

The domain is linked to the platform servers using the DNS records for hosted domain transfer. Resetting the DNS settings is needed to link the domain. 

Migration involves multiple steps that are easy to complete with a simple website design. However, the process can be complex and time-consuming for larger websites with plenty of dynamic content and functionality.

While most scripts are easier to copy and paste into Webflow, the functionality must be built again using a scripting language when a plugin is involved.

The cost of hiring a top Webflow development agency is based on different factors, such as the scope of the project, its complexity, and requirements. Website elements like the number of pages, third-party integrations, CMS, type of design, animations, and SEO also impact the cost.  

The budget can increase based on the expertise of the Webflow developers used for the project. The size of the top web development agency and its location also influence the cost. 

The timeline of the project is also an influencing factor. A short timeline may require more team members and overtime to complete the work within the deadline. Businesses must assess whether speed is a good trade-off for excessive costs. Ensuring the business objectives are met without compromising the quality is important.

On average, the cost of a Webflow business website can range from $500 to $100,000. When you hire Webflow developers, the charges are hourly and based on the developer's experience and expertise. 

When you hire Webflow developers, a beginner may charge $15 to $50 per hour, while an expert can charge up to $150 or more. Compared to the cost involved when hiring Webflow developers, using a top Webflow agency or company is a cost-effective alternative. 

A general web development agency involves custom coding for the various features, design, functionality, server configurations, and integrations. A web development agency should have web developers with in-depth knowledge of programming languages like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

A Webflow development agency provides a user-friendly website design and content management system. It has built-in hosting features, and using it is easier as coding knowledge is not necessary. Non-technical people can also create a professional website easily.

As the platform generates the required code automatically, the learning curve is reduced, enabling quicker results for the Webflow development team. 

The templates are pre-designed, and the interface is drag-and-drop. Webflow is ideal for creating complex and interactive websites. It is also best suited for projects with a short deadline. 

A top Webflow development agency can add features to a system's functionality by using the source code. Due to its integrated, responsive design elements, Webflow developers can create mobile-friendly sites more easily than traditional web developers. 

Updates and site maintenance are automatically applied when you hire Webflow developers compared to manual integrations done by conventional web developers. Webflow developers and designers work together to refine the details and ideas, ensuring the best outcomes for clients.

Yes, you can update your website after a Webflow development agency builds it, as Webflow is an easy-to-use platform. Its content management system enables users to easily add and edit content on the site. 

Managing website content is easier with the no-code system. Users can define, design, and also publish content without the help of a developer or the use of code. Updating content is easier to do across the site, making maintenance and management easier.  

The CMS in Webflow is SEO-friendly, allowing easy content optimization. The system has clean and semantic HTML, customizable meta tags, and automatic development of XML sitemap.

Another advantage of a Webflow CMS is that you do not need to download multiple programs or create external files. Modifying material graphically is easier without having to use code. Users can create and link content uniquely, simplifying complex website structuring. 

Since Webflow interfaces with other systems like Zapier, Shopify, etc., managing cross-platform content is simple and quick. Since the security and hosting features of Webflow CMS include automatic backups and control over the version used, it is easier to revert to previous content when needed.

Webflow and WordPress are website builders with similar functions but differ in many ways. Since Webflow is a comprehensive cloud-based SaaS product, access to all features needed for website building is available. The setup is easy and customized to suit the user's coding level. On the other hand, WordPress is comparatively difficult to set up. It requires separate hosting and domain setup.  

While WordPress is free to use, other costs include domain name, hosting, plugins, and template. Unlike WordPress, Webflow has monthly packages of different levels, but the costs are clear upfront.

Webflow is the ideal choice for newbies as it does not require coding knowledge. With the preset templates available, you can build a website easily using the drag-and-drop format. Coding experience is a must when creating a WordPress site. 

The Webflow package offers customer support, along with other perks like product improvements and new feature additions. Any issues with the website creation are easily resolved with responsive customer support. With WordPress, you do not have customer support. 

Working with external designers or Webflow agencies is easy with Webflow. The platform provides special features that allow a speedy iteration process.

Buyer's guide

From a humble beginning, fueled by seed funding of $2.9 million, the Webflow platform has recorded phenomenal growth. From 2019 to 2022, Webflow market share has quadrupled, indicating its growing popularity. The platform has over $335 million in total funding, over 3.5 million users, and supports more than 2.2 million websites.  

Webflow is a no-code website building platform that is easy to build and personalize, saving time and effort for companies. Discord, Dell, Rakuten, Zendesk, The New York Times, and TED are notable customers. The platform provides many tools that help in easy website creation and maintenance. A simplified design and development process is enabled with Webflow, which comprises a web designing tool, a hosting platform, and a cloud-based content management system.

Businesses find Webflow ideal for their web marketing efforts as it provides scalable components, ensuring a robust operating platform. Full control over the design elements is possible with the customization of templates and themes. The scalable and customization feature helps businesses scale their website so that their brand's personality shines bright. Increased collaboration and the use of no-code or low-code processes reduce development time. Development, designing, and editing are done simultaneously. 

With its quick and efficient development process, Webflow can streamline the design process and enable a faster-to-market product. In this article, businesses looking for efficient and effective web development via Webflow can find and assess a top Webflow development agency that provides excellent Webflow functionality.

Webflow To Drive Business Growth

Webflow can provide businesses with a website that is customized to their specific requirements. The platform allows more flexibility in web design, helping companies to cut costs and develop websites quickly.

 As per a study, 38.5% of visitors left a website citing outdated design, while 34.6% exited a site due to bad content. Slow loading and lack of a responsive design are responsible for 88.5% and 73.1% of visitors leaving a site. Webflow can help in building a custom site quickly and at a low cost. It provides sufficient space for adding updates and editing images or copy.

With Webflow, businesses do not need a dedicated site development and maintenance team. The design and marketing teams can manage the site and add updates whenever needed. The platform's advantages include:

  • Reliable hosting technology.
  • Inbuilt security.
  • The absence of frustrating plugins and updates.
  • Enhanced search engine optimization.

How to Choose the Right Webflow Agency

Using a Webflow development agency is a cost-effective strategy for businesses. The advantages of Webflow development make it an ideal option for businesses that want quick and least expensive results. To make sure the desired outcome is achieved, some factors have to be considered.

1. The complexity of the project and its scope: Is a full-service agency or a specialist in the niche the best option?

Web projects differ based on the features, functionality, and other requirements. Businesses should know the basic requirements to decide on the resources needed, the timeline, and the project management.

Webflow provides many features that can help assess the project's complexity. Top Webflow agencies will use the advanced features and functionalities that match the project requirements and ensure the project objectives are met without unwanted delays or additions.

Full-service Webflow agencies can meet basic functionalities and features, but a specialist would be a better option if complex features are involved.

2. Budget: What is the budget for the Webflow project?

How much a business can afford to spend is a key deciding factor in the selection. To avoid unwanted delays, a business should consider the following:

  • The amount to be spent for the company's web development endeavors
  • The initial cost of development
  • Cost of maintaining and updating the website
  • Future expansions

For businesses looking for custom solutions, the expenses may overshoot the budget. The business should decide whether the cost justifies the benefits accrued from the custom solution. The Webflow platform has custom components, templates, and other features that can be cost-effective. Using the platform for major work and outsourcing a few that are not covered by the platform can cut costs.

3. Use of resources: Will the business need in-house experts or use the Webflow agency to provide ongoing support?

Using an in-house team for Webflow development can provide advantages like:

  • Better efficiency is achieved as the team is focused on the project, which leads to preserving the style and voice of the brand.
  • A business can have direct control over the team, guide them, and ensure quicker project completion. 

However, maintaining an in-house team is expensive. Salaries, taxes, benefits, and other costs have to be considered. Using a Webflow agency comes with many advantages, such as flexible work hours.

The costs of Webflow agencies are considerably less than those of using an in-house team.

Further, in-house experts may not be able to handle large projects with fast turnaround times as top Webflow agencies can. 

Vetting Tips:

Choosing a top Webflow agency requires a thorough vetting process. This will ensure the service is the right choice and is capable of meeting the needs of business. 

The vetting process involves looking into various aspects, of which the two key points to note are

1. Portfolio Review: Look for projects similar in scale or industry.

A reputed and capable Webflow development agency should have an impressive and wide range of clients. One effective way to gauge the suitability of the top Webflow agency is to check whether the service has done projects similar to what the business wants. 

Assessing the quality and innovativeness of their work would help them make an informed decision. Some aspects to look into are the site architecture, loading speed, visual appeal, and other site functionalities. 

The agency's website should showcase its skills first and foremost. Check whether the design is innovative, informative, and has easy navigation features. The presence of a blog with information on using Webflow and related content is another factor that tips the scales in their favor. 

Presence on social media is another must-have criterion for checking in a top Webflow agency. Find out if the agency is active on popular platforms like Instagram and professional sites like LinkedIn. Check the posts they share to know whether they are updated on the industry trends. 

Check clients' success stories and testimonials as they provide insight into the reliability and work quality. Case studies provide detailed information on past projects, challenges, and achieved outcomes. Contacting previous clients will also help assess the service's work effectively.

Recognitions and awards indicate the achievements and skills of the company. Check out their website and social media pages for information on the awards and recognitions they have received.

2. Communication Style: Contacting them is a good way to gauge responsiveness and professionalism.

While the portfolio gives information related to the previous work of the top Webflow agency company, contacting them directly will give a clear picture of their suitability. It will be easy to assess their responsiveness and professional approach. 

Find out if they respond promptly to your queries and emails. A prompt response indicates their commitment and communication expertise. 

The service chosen should communicate openly and honestly, give regular updates on the progress of the project, and be easy to contact in case of queries or issues in the project.  

A reputed and reliable top Webflow agency will actively collaborate by communicating constantly, asking for feedback, and delivering the work as promised. They will outline their regular workflow and how they will involve their clients in the project. Most importantly, the agency should value the input and feedback of clients.

During the vetting process, some factors that indicate the Webflow development agency is not the right choice include lack of responsiveness or unclear communication, vague or hidden pricing, unrealistic guarantees, and a work portfolio that does not align with your industry or style.