Top 100+ Software Development Companies in the USA in 2024

Looking for reliable top software developers in USA? On this page you can find a software development company in USA that deals with any project size from startups to enterprises. The review list is based on market research and analysis of more than 1000 software development companies in US.
Last updated: March 2024

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The software and information technology (IT) services industry in the United States is the most developed IT industry in the world. According to a forecast conducted by CompTIA, there are over 525,000 software development companies in the US. The number of software development companies in the USA is very high, and thus the industry is very competitive.

With such cut-throat competition and a plethora of options to choose from, it becomes important for entrepreneurs, business owners, managers to select the company perfect for their business or product from all the software development companies in the USA. It is essential to weigh all possible pros and cons of choosing a particular partner before doubling down on the chosen one. This can be as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack due to the sheer amount of options available when it comes to finding a software company in the USA.

This article highlights some important facts about the software industry and software companies in the USA and also answers some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to choosing the right software development company in the US.

How many software developers are in the US?

According to a forecast, the number of software developers would most likely exceed 27.7 million by 2023. From 2019 to 2029, the average growth rate for all jobs in the US economy is projected to be roughly 4% whereas, by 2029, the job market for software developers is estimated to grow by 22%. In 2015, the United States had roughly 4.2 million software engineers, according to software engineering statistics.

How much do software development companies in USA charge for their services?

The cost of hiring a software company in the US can vary largely depending on multiple factors like the company category, company size, their tech- stack and specialties, experience in the industry, location, and so on. Top software development companies in the USA, the industry sharks, can charge anywhere between $150 to $600 per hour depending upon the experience of the developer team and the client’s requirements. The reason for such sky-soaring prices is mainly their highly skilled employees with significant experience and brand names that come along with being industry monopolies.

Mid-sized software development companies in the USA can charge anywhere between $100 to $300 per hour. Such software companies house 100 to 1000 employees and are equipped with developers with vast experience and skills that one would need for immediate project needs.

Small-sized software development companies in the US charge $80 to $200 for an hour of development job. They have about 1 to 10 employees and work with startups, small- scale local and regional businesses. Such companies often tend to specialize in a particular technology, programming language or application area, and so on.

How to choose the right software development company in the USA for your business?

It is essential to have a clear picture of the requirements of one’s product or services before starting to look for companies. It is important to have a clear understanding of one’s business goals, business needs, problems, and expected solutions to those problems before beginning the search for the right company. Having a definite set of objectives to be achieved for the potential software development team always aids the communication between the client and the software developers. This also helps the developers to quote better prices and satisfy the customer’s requirements at the same time. Having a detailed list of specifications and expectations will greatly increase the probability of receiving a good product irrespective of the company. Specifying the features that should be present or functions that are specifically not needed helps the software development team to produce exactly what the customer needs.

The below-mentioned list is the ultimate guide to follow while choosing the perfect software company in the US that would tick all the required boxes.

  1. Narrow down a list of potential software companies in the United States to collaborate with.

    The easiest way to begin the quest for THE one is to ask for recommendations. Learning from others’ experiences saves a lot of time, money, and effort. In other words, asking peers, professional colleagues for a recommended list of companies to collaborate with does the job to a great extent. Browse through review websites, forms, social media platforms, or anything and everything that could help with coming up with a basic list of good software companies in the USA that specialize in delivering solutions for one’s industry or related industries. If none of this works out, LinkedIn is always an option. Put forth feelers on the platform that could help in gaining good connections to achieve the target.

  2. Start checking specializations and portfolios.

    It is necessary to assess the potential company’s history, track record, experience level, and specializations. The primary and basic place to start with the prospective company’s website while carefully checking their portfolio. Check the history of the projects they had taken up in the past. Was the company able to complete all the jobs they had taken up in the past successfully? What kind of jobs had they taken up? What types of software have they created? Which kind of industries have they worked with? These are some of the questions to consider while assessing the portfolio. Experience matters a lot too. It is a good thing to collaborate with a company that houses specialists and professionals that are experienced in working with one’s industry. Such professionals generally have great ideas when it comes to scaling and expanding businesses.

    Another important aspect to keep under consideration is customer satisfaction and customer service. Testimonials are a good indication of the company’s most significant clients. Most standard software development companies in the USA provide potential customers with a list of client references if needed. Reading third-party review websites to know customer satisfaction is an option. To get an honest idea of the company’s customer satisfaction ratio, look through their Google listings and other social media profiles.

  3. Try to look for companies that work on modern business models like Agile and Kanban instead of traditional ones.

    A traditional business model like the waterfall model is linear in nature and needs to develop the entire software without any customer communication involved in any stage of the software development cycle apart from the initial customer requirement gathering sessions. This is a very orthodox way to develop software that is not fit for today’s software development scenario. Most of the top software development companies in the USA have switched to agile methodology.

    The Agile methodology of software development ensures maximum client involvement in the development process to meet the client’s needs in the best way possible. The agile manifesto concept has the benefit of eliminating the requirement to design one-off software that will always meet the client's demands. Instead, one may collaborate with a software development company that can grow with his/her company as it develops and expands. Some agile software development companies in the US provide their clients a two-week trial period to evaluate their abilities and competence.

  4. Compare prices keeping your budget in mind.

    Ask for price quotes from the companies shortlisted after considering the above-mentioned points. Getting quotes from more than two companies is ideal as it would provide a better perspective of the estimated amount to be paid. At the same time, make sure to have a complete idea of the services included at the quoted price points to have an unbiased comparison.

    One very important thing to beware of is that while cost may be easily a prime key factor to decide the potential software company to collaborate with the cheapest is not the best necessarily. Cheaper software companies directly mean lower quality products, hence money is not the best criteria to finalize the company. Even if one ends up choosing a company that provides the product at cheaper rates, he/she would inevitably have to spend more to improve the quality of the product later. This just would end up being more expensive. Thus working with a reputed and decent company is always beneficial in the longer run.

To summarize, choose the right company only after thorough market research or survey, properly assess their portfolios and experience levels, communicate with the software development team with clear expectations and objectives to be met, be involved in the development process, and provide feedback and clarifications whenever required, do not compromise with the product quality or data safety for price. Following these tips would ensure that one find’s a perfect software development company in the USA successfully.