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Last updated: May 2024

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A chatbot is most often a separate chat in a messenger, in which you communicate not with a person, but with a program. Chatbot companies can create chatbots that can send messages in the form of text, images, buttons and many other UI elements and respond to messages from users. Modern chatbots are full-fledged UI applications inside instant messengers.

Chatbots are able to process orders, book tickets and accept payment. Integration with analytics services helps you track leads and conversions.

Chatbot development is used wherever a question-and-answer scheme works and this affects business performance: conversion to checkout, satisfaction with the support service, speed of checkout.

Here's how chatbot companies can develop chatbots for your business:

  • Registration of orders. The bot orders pizza, a taxi, issues an application for a call with a manager or viewing an apartment for rent.
  • Reservations and queues. The bot is in the electronic queue to receive benefits or a passport.
  • Support. The bot answers frequently asked questions “how to set up”, “how to integrate”.
  • Information and reminder. The bot reminds you to drink water or straighten your back. Can memorize words with the user.
  • Polls and polls. The bot polls or accepts votes in favour of one of the options.
  • Translation. The bot receives a phrase in Spanish, gives it back in another language.
  • Task manager. The bot receives a task from the executor and puts it in Trello, Slack, Telegram and other messengers.
  • Payment. The bot makes a financial transfer by phone number or card.

Chatbots are not only a sales channel but also a saving tool. You need to look at it in the context of all the tasks that the user can solve with the help of the bot, separate conversion and those related to service. And measure not only sales conversions, but also, for example, the percentage of closed support requests without employee involvement. Or a decrease in the percentage of erroneous orders.

For a chatbot company to develop a chatbot for your business, you need to write automation scripts and understand where managers can be replaced with chatbots.

A chatbot can generate money by working for internal needs. It is not necessary to see only a sales channel in the bot. It can be a tool for customer surveys, communication with employees, training, synchronization of departments. 24% of companies use it for support.