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Last updated: March 2024

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Businesses use different methods to increase sales and enhance brand recognition. The use of modern web applications is one way that helps companies meet their business objectives. Entrepreneurs prefer AngularJS applications as they offer a plethora of benefits, such as: 

  • Higher performance
  • Increased productivity
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Scalability
  • Consistent reusability and more

For businesses looking to modernize their operation and meet the needs of a wider customer base, AngularJS is a good choice. According to a survey by StackOverflow, 20.39% of developers prefer using Angular for the frontend framework. A Webtech survey report reveals that 623,891 websites use the technology, and it ranks third in the JavaScript Frameworks.

For existing businesses, AngularJS offers the right fit for creating web applications that are fast to create, flexible, scalable, automated, and show high performance. One way to harness the benefits of the technology is to hire a top AngularJS development company. Using the best AngularJS development, company businesses can achieve the best outcomes and propel business growth. Here is a guide on choosing the top AngularJS development companies from the numerous available services.

What is Angular developed by?

Angular is an open-source framework that is part of JavaScript. It uses TypeScript and is maintained by Google. Developing single-page applications that are scalable to larger maintainable sizes is the main advantage of the technology. The framework is time-saving as it provides a consistent structure without the need for recreating code from the ground level every time. 

AngularJS Development Process

The top AngularJS development companies use proven processes that help deliver advanced and client-centric solutions. Below are the steps involved in this process: 

1. Planning

The AngularJS development service understands the client's requirements and identifies the right solution. Once a suitable solution is identified, the AngularJS development service collaborates with the client to set the project scope and create a plan for the development and execution of the project. In the planning stage, clear milestones are set.

2. Design

The design process that the top AngularJS development companies use includes meticulous attention to every framework detail, including the wireframes segment focused on by the UX and UI team.

3. Development

The backend and frontend part of the app is developed along with the database design resulting in the prototype development.

4. Testing

After the development is completed, the application undergoes testing where its performance, security, usability, and other aspects are evaluated. After testing, the app is stabilized and prepared for production.

5. Launch

The application is launched, and its performance is monitored. The top AngularJS development companies resolve all post-launch issues, and the final code is given to the client.

6. Maintenance

The maintenance phase involves:

  • Providing ongoing support to ensure the smooth operation of the application.
  • Providing necessary updates.
  • Resolving any faults that occur.

Which language is used in AngularJS?

AngularJS is an application framework focusing on front-end development. It uses two main languages.

  • JavaScript
  • HTML

A combination of JavaScript and HTML is used for the AngularJS framework. The characteristics of HTML are extended in AngularJS with directives enabling adding fresh HTML elements and the development of their own code by the developers. HTML is used mainly for the user interface.

JavaScript is used for its ease of use and versatility. Due to the use of JavaScript, it is easy to test the applications made from the framework. 

How to choose the right AngularJS Development company?

Finding the right AngularJS development service from the available choices present can be a daunting task, as there are numerous companies online. Below are some useful tips to verify the reliability and efficacy of an AngularJS development service.

Narrow down a list of potential AngularJS Development companies to collaborate with

While the choices available may be numerous, only some of the top AngularJS development companies offer the specific requirements a business is looking for. So, the first step in finding a suitable choice is to narrow down the best AngularJS development companies. Reading reviews, testimonials, and user feedback will help narrow the list. 

Check specializations and portfolios

A consultation session with the list of the selected AngularJS development companies will help access the company's previous projects and check on the team's specializations. The knowledge will help in deciding whether the top AngularJS development company chosen suits the requirements of the business.

Check the company's project management methodologies 

The type of methodology used by the top AngularJS development company will help to know the quality of performance, management of the project, and delivery. Agile methodology is used by most of the top AngularJS development companies as it ensures secure, interactive, data-driven, and strong applications. Some companies also use methods like Waterfall, Scrum, or Kanban.

Compare prices keeping your budget in mind

Whether it is a small, medium, or large business, fixing a budget for the AngularJS project is necessary. Comparing the prices quoted by the chosen companies will help select a service that fits the fixed budget. 

How much do AngularJS Development companies charge for their services?

The rates charged by top AngularJS development companies are based on various factors like the size of the project, time spent, number of team members, and a few others. In addition to fixing rates for each role, they track costs in real-time. 

In-house developers cost more than freelancers. While the former charge anywhere from $11,000 to $106,708, the latter charge prices that range from $35 to $80 per hour based on their experience. 

However, many charge a fixed rate for AngularJS development services. Using a reputed and top AngularJS development company will be ideal for businesses that need quality and scalability.


AngularJS aids businesses in creating advanced applications that save time and effort. Using an experienced and top AngularJS development company that uses state-of-the-art technologies will help in forming interactive applications that are budget-friendly too. 

The above guide and tips ensure businesses find the right AngularJS development service that fits their needs and ensures the creation of a dynamic application. Simplified web development that results in enhanced sales and brand recognition is possible with the best AngularJS development companies.