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Last updated: March 2024

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The accuracy, effectiveness, and usefulness of the program can all be improved by software testing. Software testing companies or Quality Assurance testing companies provide services to measure the performance, functionality, and specification of the software program or application.

Importance of QA Testing 

The shocking tales from around the world show that software failure can result in irreplaceable consequences. In 2019, over a hundred flights were canceled and close to 300 were delayed by British Airways, all as a result of the system's ultimate failure. So, software testing companies play an important role in providing greater user experience, dependability, and improved business optimization against lower maintenance costs.

Which company is good for software testing?

In these times of constant technological changes, the traits that a good software testing company or provide must possess are:

  • Fluent Communication. Software testing companies must be able to foresee potential hazards and disclose them, actively engage in planning meetings, and always communicate professionally with developers, clients, and higher management.
  • Powerful Analytical Expertise. Good quality assurance companies have excellent analytical skills to execute various tests to raise all of your test cases, organize the strategy, visualize best and worst case scenarios, and thoroughly validate your application.
  • Technical Expertise. To be able to identify the greatest performance and financial factors for achieving optimal execution, a competent software testing company needs to be well-versed in various testing tools such as tracking, automation, API testing tools etc. 

What is a software testing company?

Software testing companies are those that offer software testing services to provide you with greater control over the software development process as well as a QA solution to test your software product. These software testing companies assist you in creating a marketable, high-quality software product or application.

How do I get into software testing business?

To step in software testing company to build a career in the said field, you must follow a series of steps:

  • Get a proper degree in Computer Science, B Tech, MCA or BCA. 
  • Get yourself accredited with a high-level certification such as ISTQB OR CSTB
  • Develop excellent communication skills
  • Develop analytical skills to better understand system units and how to create use cases  
  • Focus on developing technical skills ( Linux, SQL, Databases)
  • Get hands-on practice of Testing Tools, Automation Tools, Testlink, Defect Tracking Tool to build expertise in all of them.

What is a Quality Assurance Company?

A corporation that upholds its commitment to the total satisfaction of its customers across all products and services is a quality assurance company. Quality assurance companies focus on providing front- and back-end services as effectively as possible, providing the intended end product on schedule and within budget.

Benefits of Good Quality Assurance

Following quality assurance rules can help a business in a number of ways, including:

  • It provides increased consumer assurance
  • Results in increased commercial repute of quality assurance company
  • Boost product confidence
  • Escalated safety and less breakdowns
  • Provides greater effectiveness to business pipeline
  • Act as a backbone for your business

What is a quality assurance example?

Following are the quality assurance examples in real time scenarios.

  1. Customer reports of a car manufacturing company are received by a quality assurance company. Responsible quality assurance company investigates the report and  finds the root cause of the issue that the customer is facing. The software team works on it and develops the fix for the issue. Quality assurance companies make sure that customers update their software using a free toolkit.
  2. A bank faces issues regarding double transactions in customers' accounts. Quality assurance company investigates the case to find out that more than 20000 transactions have been executed twice. The responsible quality assurance company submits a report to the IT team to prevent recurrence of events. They checked the system to find out why the reconciliation system did not provide warning of this bug and do the needful to optimize IT controls.