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Last updated: May 2024

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Python is highly regarded as one of the best programming languages for creating flexible websites or business apps. It acts as a server-side language for a broad variety of python development tasks including AI, complicated web applications, and simple programming as well. 

Python language is ideal for data scientists, ML experts, web developers, Django developers and software developers. Statista tells us that python stands popular among the most demanding languages that developers use in 2023. 

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Trusted Sources to find Expert Python Developers

Expert Python developers can be found through recruitment portals, freelance websites, B2B markets, and trusted companies that offer expert python services.

  • Freelancing Sites: Upwork, Fiver, Freelancer, Guru, and GitHub are some popular freelance platforms where you can find a pool of python professionals from different expert levels.
  • Recruitment Agencies: You can hand over the recruitment hassle to a reputed IT recruitment agency or consulting company. They will find the right developer for your startup. This is an ideal choice for startup leaders who do not have much time to waste on the recruitment process for python developers.
  • Software Development Companies: To get experienced members on board without any overhead, offshore software development companies are a good choice. This is an excellent choice for companies who prefer to outsource their talent.

Essential Skills for Python Developer 

For the position, a python developer needs to hold a few technical skills. Some of these qualities include:

  • Expert communications skills and a capable team member
  • Have expert-level knowledge about python RAD frameworks (Django) and about web development solutions. 
  • Must be familiar with python development concepts of AI, ML, Object-relational mapping, JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS.
  • Proficient with GIT and other version control systems for python development.

How much does Python programming cost?

According to, USD 88,540 is the average salary of a junior python developer in the states. Normally outsourcing costs 40 to 65 USD per hour when you hand over a python development project to a relevant firm. This rate can vary based on location, required expert level, and project scope.  

How do I find and hire expert developers in Python?

A proficient and ideal python developer can produce software for AI and ML projects as well as websites, games, applications, etc. Python specialists can build reusable code and enhance the system’s capabilities by connecting front-end code with server-side platform logic, maintaining software projects, and implementing security parameters or data protection. 

How do I hire a Django developer?

Django is one open-source python framework that is used to create versatile and flexible web applications. It provides quick Django development to meet web developers' varied needs and short deadlines. Django development is a full-fledged toolbox with all fundamental capabilities needed to build excellent web applications.

Django framework can be utilized to create a social media platform such as Facebook, a document management platform like Dropbox, systems like CRM and much more. 

Hiring Process

The recruitment process for Django developers that is extensively used by companies to adequately shortlist and screen prospective candidates consists following steps:

  1. Screening
  2. Technical Test
  3. A rigorous task to test caliber
  4. Interview

What should a Django developer know?

A few points to keep in mind while looking for suitable talent for Django development projects:

  • Candidates with expert-level skills in OOP, data structures, file handling, and data types are ideal for this Django development role. 
  • A Django developer must be proficient in core Python because Django is developed in Python.
  • High-level experience in implementing web script development.
  • Knowledgeable about database skills to store, model and retrieve the data in Django development.
  • Familiarity with Django AllAuth model to perform authorization and authentication during Django development.
  • Developers must have practical expertise and experience in deploying applications through Docker and Gunicorn etc.
  • Developers with enough skills to implement DRF for creating APIs in Django development.

Make sure you have figured out what values your company is looking for and what nature of projects they want developers to work on.