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Last updated: June 2024

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With the inherently static nature of webpages, developers had to create workarounds and use substantial JavaScript code in order to make web applications a lot more interactive. This meant that most companies stuck to using static web pages. Although it does have its advantages, a website’s conversion rates also suffer from it. Research has shown that 38% of users stop engaging with a website that they find unattractive or unappealing.

This includes how responsive a website is to a user’s needs, and responsiveness is the one thing that static web pages lack. Personalization is also another thing that static web pages lack. It’s important for visitors to feel that the company values their needs and opinions in order to be convinced to make a purchase.

This is where a VueJS development service offered by a top VueJS development company can come in handy. The Vue JavaScript framework allows for the easy development of interactive web pages. With VueJS, companies are able to offer their users a more personalized experience and other benefits, resulting in higher conversion rates.

This article will go over what to expect when developing VueJS and how to select the best VueJS development company.

VueJS Development Process

There are six stages of the VueJS development process in a typical top VueJS development company. These stages are explained below.

1. Planning

The first stage of a typical VueJS development service is when the top VueJS development company of your choice collects all the important details of the web development project and decides on a suitable interaction model. An estimated cost will also be provided to the client, and the project will be initiated depending on the approval.

2. Design

In the next stage, the UI/UX designers present the client with the wireframe of a highly interactive web design. The client then gives their feedback so the design can be modified accordingly, and the developers can start building the website.

3. Development

Here, the development team uses reliable technologies and tools and follows a complete SDLC methodology to start developing the project. The desired website or web app is delivered within the proposed timeline.

4. Testing

A QA analyst from the top VueJS development company then tests the website or web application extensively to identify any bugs, security issues, glitches, etc. Once the testing is complete, the results are forwarded to the development team, which will fix any bugs.

5. Launch

After thorough testing, the website is now launched. Users are free to interact with it and engage with the company. This is also when the company can start earning revenue, depending on the success of the website.

6. Maintenance

After the project has been completed, the best VueJS development companies will continue providing support and maintenance based on the client’s requirements.

What languages are used in Vue?

Vue is developed entirely in TypeScript and offers first-class TypeScript support. These allow the framework to provide a declarative and component-based programming model, efficiently developing both simple and complex user interfaces.

How to choose the right VueJS Development company for your business?

With all the top VueJs development companies out there that are offering VueJS development services, it can be hard to choose just one. However, you would need to select the one that suits your business the most. Here are some tips to guide you.

Narrow down a list of potential VueJS Development companies to collaborate with

Look up reviews and ratings of some of the top VueJS development companies. Make a list and then narrow it down to the companies that you are most likely to work with. It can be overwhelming to choose from a wider selection, so narrowing down the choices can make the process easier.

Check specializations and portfolios.

Explore the different projects the company has completed. Pay attention to what they specialize in and the projects they usually work on to determine their suitability for your business. You should also observe how they tackle the different obstacles and challenges in the past. This helps you understand if the top VueJS development company is able to overcome any possible obstacles that might arise when developing your website.

Check the company’s project management methodologies.

There are four different types of project management methodology: agile, waterfall, Kanban, and scrum. Agile is meant for more adaptive and simultaneous workflows; waterfall works best when the workflow is linear; kanban’s primary concern is process improvements, and scrum is more concerned with the speed of the work processes.

It’s important to determine which methodology a company uses and evaluate whether it is right for your business. When you select one with an incompatible project management methodology, there’s a likelihood that it can harm the development process. Even if a company is listed as a top VueJS development company, it would be pointless to force it if it is unsuitable for your business.

Compare the prices keeping your budget in mind.

One of the most important factors to consider when hiring a top VueJS development company is the price of its VueJS development services. Go through all the top VueJS development companies you have listed and compare their prices. It’s always important to keep your budget in mind when employing a service so you don’t have to pay more than you can afford to and end up suffering a loss.

How much do VueJS Development companies charge for their services?

The hourly average for a VueJS development service is around $47, while the monthly rate is $7,500. However, this can still depend on the complexity of the website that the client asks to develop, as well as the resources that the top VueJS development company needs.


Web design is an incredibly important factor that affects user experience and influences conversion rates. If you want more clicks to turn into revenues, you need to put more effort into providing visitors with a personalized and responsive web experience. The best VueJS development company for your business will be able to help you achieve that.

Of course, there are many factors to consider when choosing a VueJS development service. It’s a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly and done rashly, considering it can greatly affect the success of your business. When selecting the best VueJS development company for your business, make sure it’s able to meet all your requirements and cater to all your needs. In short, your business should be well taken care of.