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Last updated: June 2024

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List of the Best Software Development Companies in the Netherlands


Frequently Asked Questions

On an hourly basis, the average cost of software development in the Netherlands is $200 to $300 (~€94 to ~€187). There are also project-based agreements, and the cost varies depending on the timeline, people resources, programming language proficiency, and the expected results.

Regarding talent and proficiency, the Dutch are powerhouses and highly able software developers who can easily compete with US developers. The Netherlands and the US are included in the list of the ten best countries for digital competitiveness. The only disadvantage of the Netherlands is its limited talent pool by virtue of being a much smaller country (17.53 million overall compared to over 300 million in the US).

This depends on the nature and complexity of the project and the number of people involved. Coding for a relatively simple app takes around four months. Other processes pre- and post-coding will extend the project timeline by a few more months.

Yes, you can. This is a typical arrangement for the top software development companies in the Netherlands, which is a win for all parties: the developer, the company or stakeholders, and the client.

Buyer's guide

The Netherlands is known for its windmills and tulips that millions of tourists flock to every year. The country also attracts top talent in the IT industry as it has become a tech hub for many startups and world-famous organizations. 

Multinational companies, including WeTransfer, Unilever,, Philips, Framer, ING bank, Sketch, and Heineken, all have headquarters in the Netherlands. Successful companies like Tesla, Amazon, Netflix, and Uber also have several development teams based there.

Due to the growing demand in the IT industry, the Netherlands has readily accepted the challenge of some of its cities becoming the forefront of technology and innovation in the world. As of 2023, there are nearly 320,000 software engineers in the Netherlands—a healthy mix of locals and expats. The country is sixth on the list of countries in Europe with the most number of software developers.

The Dutch tech organization list is a wide-ranging mix of small creative startup companies, hyper-growth organizations, and everything in between. In the Netherlands, all companies are welcome, accommodated, and given a sufficient chance to succeed in their chosen tech niche.

This upward trend is critical because it can continuously contribute positively to the country's economy. In 2020, the Netherlands ranked fourth in the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) 2020 out of the 28 EU member states. This means that it is one of the most competitive countries in Europe that is predicted to have steady, stable, and continuous digital growth. The software market's revenue is expected to reach up to $9.2 billion by the end of 2023.

At the same time, this steady improvement in the IT industry can place the country in an irreplaceable position of being a sought-after tech hub in Europe and worldwide. Companies looking to outsource their IT business needs would automatically shortlist the Netherlands as their country of choice because of its workers’ reliability, quality, and work ethic.

This guide will help you find the best software development countries in the Netherlands and understand why the country’s talent and infrastructure are worth investing in.

Major Software Development Hubs in the Netherlands 

Whether you are looking to become part of the IT workforce in the Netherlands or the CEO of a company considering outsourcing one of your IT projects, it pays to know where the leading IT hubs are. These cities are considered a gold pot of opportunities for employment and experience for job seekers. 

At the same time, organizations can look into these Dutch cities to look for top-tier teams that will provide them with their software development needs.

Given these purposes, here are the cities you need to keep an eye on if you are after the top software development companies in the Netherlands:

1. Rotterdam

A port city in the western region, Rotterdam is a hub mainly dedicated to tech innovation. Named the Gateway to Europe, this city serves as headquarters for many global companies like Unilever and Shell. Many developing startup tech companies also prefer to do business in this city because of its many co-working spaces that are beneficial to budding software developers.

With the city prioritizing sustainability, many overseas companies have that peace of mind doing long-term business with developers. Mendix, Siemens Digital Industries Software, Newest Industry, Widget Brain, and Brainstam are all based in the Netherlands, with the majority of their workforce from the country as well.

2. Amsterdam

The capital, Amsterdam, is also thriving not just because of its many yearly visitors but also in its impressive and growing tech startup environment. TomTom, Adyen, and have all set up their main headquarters in this vibrant city. This is one of the hubs to look into for the top software development companies in the Netherlands.

Tech events, conferences, and symposiums about the latest developments in the information technology industry happen in the heart of the Netherlands, and Amsterdam is the closest to the caliber of Silicon Valley. It is home to more than 2,100 tech businesses, and in this city alone, about 77,000 IT-related jobs are up for grabs every year.

Some of the most prominent organizations based in the Netherlands provide lucrative employment opportunities for those looking for tech jobs. Global names like Salesforce, Uber, Facebook, DoubleDutch, Cisco, and Tesla have, for the longest time, tapped those local Dutch talents—this speaks a lot about the level of work and expertise of the Netherlands workforce.

This isn’t surprising, though, because Amsterdam takes pride in having the fastest and most stable broadband speeds, and it has long been the leader of app inventions and advancements. The city is also a pioneer in getting international companies to invest in ground-breaking and life-changing projects and technologies for the rest of the world.

For startup companies, this means having a steadier beginning as they tread the path toward digitalization. They have a guided and structured approach as they break into the IT scene. The demand for developers in the city is incredibly high; thus, IT companies in Amsterdam are always on the lookout for professionals at varying levels and with different types of expertise. Moreover, work arrangements, training, and compensation packages are very attractive.

Whether you are a front- or back-end developer, software architect, or database administrator, there are plenty of opportunities in Amsterdam.

3. Eindhoven

Eindhoven is in the Southern Netherlands and has also developed a reputation for its technology and innovation. Home to 368,000 people, it is where High Tech Campus can be found, which houses more than 150 IT companies like NXP Semiconductors and where global electronics giant Philips was born.

The city is also known as a design hub, with tech startup organizations like Microsure and Axelera AI. It hosts accelerators and incubators that provide more opportunities for software developers of different levels and niches to gain employment and experience. 

Aside from the High Tech Campus, Eindhoven is also home to another central tech hub, the Brainport Industries Campus—a true demonstration that it is home to some of the top software development companies in the Netherlands.

4. Utrecht

Nicknamed the Netherlands’ Rising Tech Powerhouse, the vibrant city of Utrecht has prioritized cutting-edge and modern innovations in recent years. Thanks to its proximity to the country’s leading IT hub, Amsterdam, and its efficient transport system, Utrecht has become an attractive base for international IT companies and professionals.

The growth of this city's economy is thanks to some of the global organizations that have set their headquarters here, such as ProRail, Nederlandse Spoorwegen, Rabobank, and Douwe Egberts. And beyond its massive share in the country’s IT talent, Utrecht takes pride in its entrepreneur-friendly atmosphere and educated and competitive workforce, not just in the IT sector.

As a result, local and global investors are confident when they bring their business to this tree-lined city with all its medieval charm. International ICT and logistics companies are all eyeing Utrecht, as well as investors and leaders from banking, healthcare, and even the creative niches.

Another reason why Utrecht is the place to find the best software development companies in the Netherlands is its institutions like Utrecht University, which is one of the top educational institutions in the country. The University of Applied Sciences Utrecht also produces quality programmers.

5. The Hague

Another location where you can bring your business in and partner with the top software development companies in the Netherlands is The Hague. This city, home to the U.N.’s International Court of Justice and the core of the Netherlands' politics, is steadily becoming a hub for innovation and technology.

Being the country's political heart comes with advantages because The Hague often hosts many international events and organizations. These attract many IT industry players to look further into what the city can offer.

It helps that part of the Hague's IT portfolio includes major international business players, like Google, Amazon, Apple, and ASN Bank. Shell and Aegon NV are also associated with the city, along with more than 1,500 startup companies of varying sizes.

Market Overview

The Netherlands is proud of its versatility in the world of software development. Its talent pool is incredibly competitive in varying trends and niches. It is undoubtedly a golden pot of the best software development companies in the Netherlands, with a highly competitive workforce that promises long-term success.

Software development in the Netherlands includes continuous innovations in healthcare, which are even more pronounced and emphasized post-COVID. Cutting-edge software for telemedicine, data analytics, and health monitoring apps have been pushed for the last few years, and continuous improvements are being implemented.

Additionally, fintech software and mobile apps became a hot category for software developers as millions of consumers transitioned to contactless payment and digital wallets. There has been a noticeable boom in cybersecurity, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. Gaming apps are also in very high demand.

The Netherlands is undoubtedly a massive force in IT and software development and has effectively faced the challenges and demands of the industry. Being ranked 2nd globally for its online connectivity—98% of homes have a robust broadband connection—the Dutch's competitiveness in terms of technological readiness and efficiency is high and will only continue to progress.

Technical Expertise of Netherlands-based Developers

Netherlands-based software developers are globally competitive and fluent in today's primary programming languages and frameworks. Python, Java, JavaScript, C#, C++, SQL, HTML/CSS, Rust, and Typescript – you name it, and you can find a team proficient in these coding programs.

Worth mentioning and an example of the caliber of software developers in the Netherlands is the AI-driven revenue growth management system that Visualfabriq, one of the top software development companies in the Netherlands. It has designed and has since been integrated into the everyday operations of some of the biggest global consumer companies like Arla, L'Oréal, and Heineken.

Education and Talent Pool

Much of the Netherlands' IT talent pool has been heavily supported by expats. However, the country has been making progress in changing that through the continuous development and expansion of its own IT education system. It has demonstrated great dedication to providing its citizens with high-quality and competitive educational opportunities.

The Netherlands has always supported its citizens when it comes to embracing innovation, and one of the critical areas where they make this happen is through the quality of education. The country's learning system has greatly emphasized engineering and technical proficiencies, which has been paying off significantly: it has made the Netherlands one of the most desirable locations for highly skilled software developers. 

It’s no wonder that the top software development companies in the Netherlands are thriving and remaining highly competitive worldwide.

Here are some of the institutes that provide degrees and courses associated with information technology: 

  • Leiden University
  • Radboud University
  • Eindhoven University of Technology
  • The University of Groningen
  • Fontys University of Applied Sciences
  • Utrecht University
  • University of Applied Sciences Utrecht
  • Hague University of Applied Sciences
  • Open University of the Netherlands
  • Tilburg University

The Netherlands is very much committed to further expanding its technological sector so its citizens continue to have easy access to highly competitive educational opportunities. You can be confident that the labor force of the Netherlands is impressively well-educated.

With this, the country has established itself as one of Europe's tech hubs and primary headquarters. Although the Netherlands is home to some of the world's most proficient software developers, more are still needed, especially with the high market demand.

Note that the Netherlands caters to all kinds of businesses irrespective of their size, from startup organizations with fewer than 100 employees to large corporations with branches in different international locations.

However, it has reached a point where the demand is too extensive. In a study by ABN Amro, 55% of IT companies in the Netherlands have been hampered in their growth because of the shortage of human resources since the start of the pandemic. The incredibly high demand for professionals to design and code software and mobile apps has led to projects piling up and deadlines getting missed.

After the pandemic, the talent pool in the country is slowly shrinking because the expats who initially moved to the Netherlands to work are returning home to their families. While some continue to work remotely for Dutch companies, many have opted to find local employment opportunities.

This is powering the push to expand educational opportunities in IT. However, it will take a bit of time for students and fresh graduates to be up to the task of meeting the demand for high-end talent.

Salaries and Compensation

Salaries in the global IT sector vary significantly due to different factors. This is also the reality in the Netherlands, along with the fluctuating amounts based on job description, level of experience, location, and company structure. For those in the best software development companies in the Netherlands, they are more likely to have higher salaries compared to those in startups.

In the Netherlands, IT is one of the highest and most competitively paid sectors. Companies must offer attractive compensation and incentive packages to be able to recruit the best software developers to be added to their workforce. After all, having the right people in suitable positions for companies to remain leaders in technological innovation is crucial.

IT salaries in the Netherlands also vary from city to city. For example, those working in Amsterdam, the capital, are likely to be paid more than in others. 

Experience is also a deciding factor for compensation, where specialized talents, skills, and tenure warrant a more attractive compensation package.

Software developers working in the Netherlands, on average, can earn about $66,966 (~62.50 EUR) with a minimum annual compensation of $45,537 (~42.50 EU) and up to $85,717 (~80.00 EUR). 

Developers with specific expertise in a programming language can also demand higher pay. For instance, Java developers can receive a minimum of $85,717 (45.00 EUR) to up to $88,396 (82.50 EUR), while C#.NET can fetch $45,537 (~42.50 EUR) to $83,038 (~77.50 EUR).

Cost of Living in the Netherlands

The Dutch have a very high standard of living. It attracts expats because of the excellent quality of life, high educational standards, progressive politics, attractive work-life balance, and the advanced digital economy.

Because of this, the cost of living is high throughout the country—undoubtedly worth it for the millions living there. Certain areas are more reasonable than others. For example, living in the Hague is cheaper compared to Amsterdam, but expect the compensation packages to be more competitive in the capital city.

Given this reality, local and international software developers and IT professionals can feel confident that their compensation packages can sustain the cost of living in the country. The median annual salary for a software developer is around €64,909, and this range is included in the top 10 on a world scale for developer compensation.

Note that aside from the financial compensation, most large-scale, top software development companies in the Netherlands provide car leasing to their employees. This is a massive relief on the budget because driving a car in the Netherlands is extremely expensive.

Why Choose the Netherlands for Software Development?

Software developers are very much in demand in the Netherlands. And there are thousands of experts in the field, working in the best software development companies in the Netherlands. It is a place where individuals and businesses focused on IT can truly thrive, given its top-notch infrastructure and investments in education. 

IT professionals can expect steady growth in their knowledge and skills while enjoying the perks of this beautiful country. There is scope to invest in and further improve their technical proficiency. With the Netherlands’ innovation 70% IT-related, they can expect stability and a healthy community.


Professionals working in the top software development companies in the Netherlands are generally happier compared to elsewhere in the world. If you are a software developer wanting to become part of a thriving talent pool or a decision-maker in your organization who wants to take their business to the country, you are on the right track.

Being one of the prime hubs for software development, the Netherlands is the place to be. With the country's IT sector becoming more substantial and competitive every year, you can be assured that employment and challenging projects are plentiful. The only direction for this country is forward: stronger and better, and with it is the need for some of the world's most efficient problem solvers, which can be you.

If you are after being part of a growth-friendly and progress-driven ecosystem, then the Netherlands is the place to do so.