Top Cloud Consulting Companies in 2024

We evaluated some of the most successful companies in the field of cloud development and compiled a list of the top cloud consulting companies.
Last updated: July 2024

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Cloud Consulting in the tech world

This is an indispensable type of service for companies that need to get powerful and trustworthy cloud infrastructure and strengthen and protect the existing cloud environments. Cloud consultation services include:

  • The acceleration of business growth and mastery.
  • Development of a pragmatic cloud strategy.
  • Efficient cloud.
  • Determining the matching the best cloud services to use.
  • Modernizing the already built cloud data center.

Cloud Consulting companies are specialized in providing well-executed and professional services:

  • Quicker and easier deployment – Cloud Consulting companies are working with code, application releases and database deployment.
  • Modernization - Cloud Consulting companies, by using IaaS/PaaS handle the modernization of the existing data centers in order to make them highly scalable, agile, flexible and secure.
  • Cloud solutions for workplaces – to develop customer productivity, Cloud Consulting companies decrease the number and severity of support calls, improve business continuity, accelerate the rollout of fresh features, and decrease expenses.
  • Cloud provisioning and optimization – optimization tools are responsible for creating cloud resources and supporting their efficient use. 
  • Enterprise applications in the cloud – Cloud Consulting companies, are also responsible for smoothly moving commercial enterprise applications into the cloud. 

Cloud-based services are a must-have for every Cloud Consulting company, and here they are:

  • SaaS (Software as a Service) – making the application accessible through the cloud, having no installation requirements on the device.
  • PaaS (Platform as a Service) – allowance to create, run, and manage business applications in the cloud.
  • IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) delivers significant computing, storage and networking. 

Cloud consultants: How can they help?

Consulting experience is also provided by specialists working in Cloud Consulting companies. Consultants have different responsibilities, including introducing cloud consultation services to the customer companies, guiding them to choose the best option to benefit the process. Cloud consultants should be aware of all the technical side of cloud applications and connect the benefits of cloud consultation services and the customer companies.

Consultants wanting to work in a top Cloud Consulting company should have a few obligatory skills. First of all, they must have a bachelor's degree in computer science, computing engineering, or an appropriate field. The main proficiency depends on the current trendy IT requirements, such as cloud consultation services knowledge, cloud or data management, completing research, having problem-solving skills, giving accomplished guides to clients, and working in a team.