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Last updated: June 2024

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Currently, VR and AR technologies have received the most serious development in the entertainment and marketing markets, but this is not the limit. It is only the first stage of their implementation.

VR blocks the real world and immerses the user in the digital universe. If you put on a headset and instead of a living room suddenly find yourself in the midst of a fight with zombies, then this is VR.

Virtual reality development is widespread in games on PCs or mobiles, all kinds of cinemas, from 3D and higher, and other areas of entertainment. Indeed, the development of virtual reality applications is relevant primarily for games, as their creators can better immerse gamers in the gameplay and thereby improve the experience of participants in battles, races and other processes on the screen.

But VR development is in demand in many other areas as well. VR companies can help you create colorful presentations or applications. For example, vr content for:

  • Therapy of phobias of patients;
  • Excursions to all corners of the globe (virtual tourism);
  • Generation of beautiful bird's-eye views;
  • Design and visualization of objects;

There are some striking examples of VR companies:

  • MindMaze startup develops virtual spaces designed to recover patients after suffering heart attacks;
  • Vivid Vision creates games for treating amblyopia and strabismus;
  • SDK Lab creates virtual spaces for training employees of mining companies;
  • IrisVR creates tools for 3D modeling of objects;
  • Autodesk successfully uses virtual reality in real estate.

Despite such successful stories of the use of virtual reality in serious areas, the development of VR games still dominates.

AR development adds elements of the digital world to the real one. If you are walking down the street and suddenly a Dragonite Pokemon appears on the sidewalk in front of you, then this is AR.

AR companies help develop solutions using AR technologies for marketing and advertising, retail, interior design, construction, manufacturing and other areas. The AR development introduces new sensory data into the field of perception and blurs the boundaries between offline and online.

The most popular solutions where AR development is applied:

  • Informing consumers about products
  • Improving the efficiency of POS materials
  • Gamification of loyalty systems
  • Virtual fitting
  • Interactive learning
  • After-sales service and service works

Do you want to hire a team with really great experience in VR / AR development, or do you want to outsource your AR or VR project? To help you navigate the vast number of AR companies and VR companies, we have analyzed a list of the best firms for your business.