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Last updated: June 2024

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What is .NET development?

.NET is free computer software, which gives its users the right to use, learn, modify, and create applications for Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems. Microsoft was the founder of the open-source platform along with the .NET Foundation. .NET developers are fond of working with the development platform because of the various features, programming languages, and tools that contribute to the games and also web, mobile devices, and computer applications’ creation. 

.NET developers may use multiple languages and put together them into an intermediate state which works in the Common Language Runtime (CLR). .NET developers also have the chance to work with programs written in C#, J#, C++, F#, and other languages. .NET framework provides a number of application models and its pliability was increased since its beginning.

Which companies are using .NET framework?

Many renowned companies strive to hire professional .NET developers or try to find a trustworthy .NET development company, in order to create products that will assist in meeting the set goals and needs, create their customer base and grow their loyalty. Samsung, Microsoft, GoDaddy, Intel, JP Morgan Chase, and Cisco make up the list of those huge companies. Consequently, it may come as no surprise that .NET is the most loved framework.

.NET developers are only accountable for building and supporting the applications’ performance levels on a regular basis. Developers should master C# or Visual Basic .NET experience, moreover, having ASP.NET and XML experience is a great addition. Except for their major technical skills, .NET developers should have experience in team working, maintain strong communication and use problem-solving skills.

Does .NET have a future?

Of course, on the Internet, there were news and articles saying that Microsoft is in the phase of deciding if the .NET Framework is preparing to retire or not. After, Microsoft made an announcement that .NET version 4.8 is the ultimate release, but they never meant the system’s termination. NET Core 3.0 release completed in 2019 gave a second breath to the .NET developers. The software is still in use and even new releases (.NET Core 7.0 and 8.0 versions) are being planned to be launched in 2023 and 2023. Meanwhile, the outdated system is still in use and is also being updated on small things. This peculiarity helped many top .NET development companies to not lose their leading positions in the market. 

Core benefits of .NET development

.NET developers love working with this software as it gives them all the necessary advantages:

  • Productivity – the programming software’s model and tremendous library assist .NET developers to refine productivity. 
  • Platform-independence – .NET development companies are able to support any application on any platform. This programming software is appreciated by a lot of .NET developers, as it comes with different imaginable solutions for app progress.
  • Amazing user interface – efficiency and dynamics in .NET are the best describing factors. .NET developers are able to develop good user interface applications using MVC (Model-View-Controller) system.
  • Approved by developers – .NET is always of the top preferred platforms among many .NET developers, as it is robust and straightforward, and provides tools that allow escaping problems.
  • Object-orientation – this means that this development model allows users to separate the software into little parts, which will make the.NET developers’ job easy to manage. 
  • Cost-effectiveness – each user has the full freedom to select a provider with low-cost SLA, even if the .NET development company or .NET developer do not concern that much about the price range.