The exponential boom of online shopping is expected to continue for years to come. Businesses can no longer expect to succeed if they are not online, and one of the best platforms for successful, streamlined e-commerce is Shopify.

With this, the best Shopify developers and Shopify development companies in the US are in high demand. Today, 87% of business owners use Shopify. Retailers want online stores with features that will boost their products and services, provide the broadest possible audience reach, and take their businesses to the next level—at an affordable price.

Hiring a Shopify developer at a cheap rate is the main challenge. The good news is that you can find developers that will suit your budget. Affordable Shopify development companies in the US can provide support, applications, and features to strengthen your online presence and boost your business.

In other words, you can get a Shopify development company in the US that can deliver quality and customize your online store within your budget. You can jump on the bandwagon and contribute to Shopify's current $319 billion share globally. Excited?

Read on, and you will understand the demands and requirements of a reliable Shopify developer and how to hire one at a cheap price. After this, you can feel empowered knowing that you will be able to onboard a new partner for your business without burning a hole in your pocket.

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The Ballpark Rate of Shopify Developers

So, what is a cheap rate to hire a Shopify developer? 

Shopify developers charge for their work differently. Some work independently or as freelancers, while others work for an agency. 

On the popular freelancing platform Upwork, you can expect beginner Shopify developers to fetch a rate of $15 per hour or higher. Intermediate developers charge around $33 per hour, while highly experienced, expert professionals have an hourly minimum rate of $95.

Some have fixed rates ranging from $500 to $25,000 per project—the final price depends on the nature and complexity of what they are expected to accomplish.

More experienced developers will naturally fetch higher fees. Still, in return, you can expect the best work output, a faster delivery time, and invaluable expertise from highly knowledgeable professionals.

Meanwhile, beginners are still growing their portfolios and clientele, so you can expect them to charge more competitively.

The right Shopify developer for your business depends on your project and the specific features you want to be incorporated into your online shop.

The Shopify Developer Job Description

Exactly what kind of developer do you need to hire? Their main tasks and responsibilities are to collaborate with you and bring your vision to life. They will also be a business partner that will provide you with expert input on how you can achieve what you are aiming for.

This is a partnership you are investing in, and the basic expectations that your Shopify developer should meet (or even exceed) are the following:

  • Create an engaging and functional Shopify store that will attract a new audience, encourage existing customers to purchase more, and boost overall revenue.
  • Design Shopify themes that are fully customizable or work with existing templates and modify them to meet client specifications.
  • Manage and maintain the eCommerce platform and troubleshoot emerging issues.
  • Work and collaborate with the User Experience and User Interface teams to create a strong, functional, and customer-friendly design for the backend.
  • Link seamlessly with other Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), Shopify apps, marketing tools, and social media to optimize the store's functionality.
  • Provide regular maintenance and debugging to the online store's different applications and features and provide the necessary fixes.
  • Provide technical support and maintain the quality of the Shopify store as needed.
  • Optimize the online store accordingly and make the needed adjustments to improve the functionality of the site.

How To Hire a Shopify Development Company in the USA at a Cheap Price

Now that you know what a Shopify developer can do for you and your business, it is a matter of hiring the right person. You can easily find a Shopify development company in the USA that fits your budget and online needs.

How? Let these recommendations be your guide.

1. It Pays to Shop Around

Many Shopify developers will give a good impression. But do not settle for the first one that you find because there are hundreds, if not thousands, of others out there.

Use connections within your industry and ask for recommendations. You can also research your shortlisted candidates by browsing online. Visit the sites on their portfolios so you can experience the finished products they have made.

You can also reach out to their previous and existing clients for a firsthand review of what it was like working with this particular Shopify developer.

Yes, there's plenty of legwork involved, but along the way, you will be able to scratch out a few names and replace them with new ones. This phase is critical so you can end up with the right Shopify developer that will deliver the best product for your business.

Hiring the right developer will save you a ton of resources. Imagine having to replace them in the middle of the process because you didn’t get it right the first time—you will need a ton of time and money to start the hunt all over again.

2. Don’t Prioritize Shopify Developer Agencies and In-House Employees

The rise of freelancers is expected to grow, which is a win-win for these workers and the organizations that hire them. And as an employer who wants to hire a cheaper Shopify development company in the US, this is the ultimate solution. These independent professionals can guarantee more financial savings than in-house employees and other contractors.

Most freelance Shopify developers charge hourly, and you can save up to 30% yearly with them. There is no need to include expenses like health insurance, retirement, Social Security, Medicare, and other benefits. These independent contractors work from home or remotely with their own equipment.

You'll be surprised at how much talent and resources you can get outside your company.

Here are the best platforms where you can find a Shopify developer online:



There are many Shopify developers with varying expertise and levels here. So, whether you want to build your Shopify store from scratch or update a specific app on your existing site, Upwork has plenty of accredited developers you can tap.

What’s great about Upwork is that, as an employer, you are provided access to reviews left by previous clients. You'll also see each developer's portfolio to evaluate their previous work and skills and determine if they suit your needs.

The hourly rates of all freelancers are included in their Upwork profiles and in their proposals to your job listings, so you will immediately know if you can afford a prospect. You have all the knowledge you need to push through with contacting and working with a specific freelancer.

Shopify Experts

Shopify partners

If you are after a Shopify development company in the US endorsed by Shopify, Shopify Experts is the place to go. Most, if not all, of the listed developers are seasoned professionals with extensive experience and knowledge of the Shopify platform.

There’s a wide variety of experts that you can onboard in Shopify Experts with different areas of expertise, experience, and hourly rates. You can narrow down a list of prospects and then request a quote from them. You can also upload a listing on the website and then filter out the developer you want to work with based on all those who submitted proposals and portfolios.



Considered one of the biggest marketplaces today for digital services, Fiverr is a digitally streamlined platform where you can find Shopify developers in the US who charge cheaper than in-house employees or developers from prominent agencies.

All the potential tasks or job assignments in Fiverr are called gigs. Many beginners, including Shopify developers who are still building their portfolios, use this platform to get clients at affordable rates. Many developers who are now Upwork or Shopify Experts likely started on Fiverr. 

Shopify developers who don’t have much experience, a limited portfolio to boast about, and a small network can get their much-needed break on Fiverr. Beginners usually grab the opportunity to get as many clients as they can at a much lower rate because the main goal is to build themselves first.

You may be surprised by the approach and creativity these relative newbies can put on the table. Ask for samples of previous coding they have done. In-depth interviews will also help determine if a prospect will be easy to work with.

Geeks Per Hour

Geeks per hour

Geeks Per Hour is another excellent platform if you are after a Shopify development company in the US that offers lower rates for projects. As the name suggests, the workers on this outsourcing platform usually charge hourly.

This is highly recommended if you want to adjust or upgrade your existing Shopify store. If you have specifics on what you want, this platform has a unique system to match you with the ideal Shopify developer.

Once you have a match, the work begins with your new hire. What makes the process more in your favor is that there is a no-risk trial basis system, which means you only pay when you are happy and satisfied with the work that’s been delivered by your developer.

This, in turn, motivates anyone you hire to work hard and ensure that your every requirement is satisfied—maybe even go above and beyond that.



Toptal is another Shopify development company in the US that offers a matching service for companies. This platform boasts of being home to some of the world's most competitive Shopify developers. 

Note that before any freelancer can be accepted, an extensive and meticulous screening process is completed to ensure that all developers can deliver the best quality output. Only 3% of applicants applying to be part of the Toptal community pass the technical screening. This means that the vetting process is very much in your favor.

Given that Toptal is currently growing its developer vertical today, now is an excellent time to sign up as an employer. You can work with Shopify developers to build your online store or enhance your existing site to further boost your site’s performance and overall revenue.

When you hire a Shopify developer from Toptal, you can be confident that you will partner with someone who understands your goals and will execute them accordingly. 

3. Partner With Local Universities or Coding Boot Camps

If you want to explore all possible options for finding a Shopify developer to partner with, you should explore outside the established Shopify development companies in the US.

Contact local universities and coding boot camps for fresh, new talent. You can consider fresh graduates or those currently enrolled in a program willing to undertake the task in exchange for experience, exposure, and a small allowance.

This is a win-win for you and these hopeful talents. You will provide them with a valuable opportunity to enhance their coding and problem-solving skills. You will also give them a taste of how it is to work with a client with specific expectations and a firm timeline.

The most important impact for you will be a lower cost—the working rate is not the main talking point; instead, it is all about the experience and challenge. Although the risk may be greater on your side, given that you'll be working with 100% beginners, you can still make it work. Clear communication and regular quality checks mean you can make real-time adjustments and guide your Shopify developer to deliver what you want.

4. Negotiate With a Shopify Development Agency

In the digital age, more and more agencies offer e-commerce services. However, getting a Shopify developer may cost more when exploring this option compared to Upwork or other platforms.

You can look into the different Shopify development companies in the US and negotiate the cost as best as possible. Start-up companies are easier to work with in these cases because, again, the exposure to working with all scales and types of business will do wonders for their organization’s portfolio.

Create a list of the Shopify development agencies that you think can help you with what you have in mind for your store. Reach out to them and request a quote. When you have a clear idea of what is included in each company’s package, such as extended support and maintenance, you’ll know which one to choose and what is worth their price.

The Advantages of Hiring a Shopify Developer

Shopify stands out because anyone can create their own online store. Yes, even if you don’t hire a professional developer, you can navigate the platform with only the most basic technical skills.

But, of course, it pays to onboard and hire a Shopify developer for business owners and merchants who want to maximize the full possibilities of the online marketplace. 

What can a Shopify developer do for you and your store? Here are a few reasons why you need to hire one as soon as possible:

1. Shopify Developers Can Make Your Store Unique and Reflective of Your Brand

Custom themes are readily available on Shopify, and you can always use any of these templates, but so will hundreds of other merchants. It is much better to stand out design-wise so your store will get noticed, and one of the best ways to do that is to work with a Shopify developer to customize your online storefront.

Yes, it's all about the theme, colors, layout, and everything in between—the first things online shoppers will notice and encourage them to click and browse through your store.

2. Shopify Developers Can Enhance the Shopping Experience

Shopify development companies in the US know that the goal is for customers to enjoy shopping and return to your store multiple times in the future. From advanced filtering and searching capabilities to online chats, product descriptions linked on social media, and customized check-out services, a Shopify developer can do all of this for you and more.

3. Shopify Developers Allow You to Focus On Other Business Elements

With a Shopify developer working on your site to meet your specific requirements and achieve your e-commerce goals, you can shift your attention, time, and efforts to other elements of your online business, specifically the customer experience and their feedback.

If you can delegate the creation and improvement of your site in complete confidence to your Shopify developer, you can accomplish more important things that you can control.

Final Thoughts

There are so many options when hiring a Shopify developer in the USA at a cheap price. Onboarding one to help with your online store will bring forth many advantages. Developers are creative, critical thinkers who will make your Shopify store even more functional, user-friendly, and profitable to take your business to the next level.

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