AWS is undoubtedly winning the cloud war among all the cloud consulting companies available. Million dollar companies such as GE, BP, Samsung, Adobe Systems, Airbnb, Slack, NewsCorp are leveraging AWS to successfully migrate workloads to the cloud. Corporates are embarking on their cloud journey with AWS as more and more applications have now turned cloud-based. AWS products provide services related to storage, servers, networking, security, etc to the organizations. Cloud migration with AWS helps organizations to substantially boost the IT costs savings, improve the business productivity, and achieve operational resilience leveraging new technology

AWS evaluates the migration needs, migrates the workload using CloudEndure, migrates to fully managed AWS databases and more. It allows organizations to set up scalable, robust and automated computing environments. AWS comprises two core products i.e., EC2 and S3 where EC2 is a virtual machine service and S3 is a storage system. Organizations can effectively and efficiently migrate applications, websites, storage, databases, physical or virtual servers, or data centers with AWS migration services. This blog will help you get more insights on how AWS is making the cloud migration easier. Without further ado let’s dive right in,

Most Popular Business Benefits of AWS Migration

1. Elasticity. AWS provides exact resources that an organization requires and allows them to add or reduce capacity whenever needed which promotes elasticity. The elasticity provided by AWS allows startups and enterprises to quickly scale resources up or down as per the requirements and demands.

2. Saving. Cost being the biggest concern of every organization has kept the CIOs on toes. AWS induces savings as it is available as a monthly service and also reduces CapEx as there is no requirement to maintain physical hardware. Companies only have to pay for the services and resources they use.

3. Disaster Recovery. Businesses can be rest assured about the availability of their data with maximum uptime and negligible chances of downtime. AWS data centers across the globe ensure greater disaster recovery as if one data center fails, another region can extend support to keep the services running.

4. Scalability. Scalability is a need of an hour as both underestimation and overestimation aren't a desired state while achieving the optimal resource utilization goal. Amazon’s pay as you go model allows corporates to keep up with the dynamic market and client’s needs which promotes resource optimization.

5. Security. Cyber and DDOS attacks, data breaches, malware, hacking, etc., have become more sophisticated than ever. AWS adopts the highest security standards to prevent data leaks and strictly adheres to the legal compliance and  regulations by making security of every organization the top most priority.

6. The ‘AWS’ Advantage. AWS is the market leader with a unique competitive advantage against its peers. AWS has the most innovative technologies in the cloud computing environment which provide innumerable benefits to its clients to make their transition seamless, and migration more efficient and effective.

Commonly Used Tools Provided by Amazon to Facilitate Migration

1. AWS Migration Hub. Simplify the migration with AWS migration hub that provides a single location to keep an eye on the migrations across AWS and partner solutions.

2. AWS Server Migration Service (SMS). AWS SMS helps in migrating workload from on-premise to AWS with migration automation and tracking the replication of the server.

3. Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration. It facilitates quick and secure file transfers between the client and S3 bucket.

4. AWS Snowball. AWS Snowball is an edge computing, and a data transfer solution that is suited for local storage and large scale-data transfer.

5. AWS Snowmobile. Snowmobile transfers data in a robust and cost effective manner and uses multiple layers of security to safeguard data.

6. Amazon Kinesis Firehose. It is capable of capturing and loading streaming data into Amazon S3 and can help you analyze real-time data for better migration insights.


Every company is grappling to succeed in the cloud age. Both startups or high profile companies run on top of AWS to capture the market share. Regardless of the business type, size and scale, organizations resort to cloud migration as there are fair chances that the projects may experience unplanned traffic, clients may demand products to deliver faster, large sets of databases may prove expensive to keep, or downtime issues may arise. Every year Amazon launches various innovative services which is definitely going to increase in the coming years, which ultimately makes AWS a classic game-changer.

To conclude, as a huge amount of data is generated every day, migration has become a necessity to ensure business survival. As migration has been essential, offering a plethora of benefits AWS has surely got every business covered!

Martin Moyers
Business Analyst
Martin Moyers is a business analyst and an avid tech blogger who is associated with Zymr, Inc. He is obsessed with AI-ML, cloud technologies, and the universe of social media. In his leisure time, he enjoys rafting, sailing, and hiking.

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