No business can sustain itself without customers. And therefore, it's critical for businesses, be it big or small, to maintain excellent relationships with their customers. Especially for small businesses, customer relationship management should be the top priority. And to stay competitive and go the extra mile to meet customer requirements and make valuable relationships, CRM software for small businesses is critical.  

What's interesting here is how quickly businesses adapted to CRM software and are growing exponentially. According to Buyer Zone, 91% of companies with more than 11 employees use CRM tech solutions. The benefits are evident.

Let's understand in detail why the CRM system is essential.

Improves Workflow Dramatically

Sticky notes, excel sheets, and manual processes are the biggest productivity killers. And this is not just a problem in large businesses. Small businesses also experience low productivity because of dependency on manual work.

CRM for small businesses helps tremendously in work order management by removing bottlenecks and creating streamlined workflows that minimize the room for error. With an advanced CRM solution, employees can configure their work order, add checklist items to the workflow, receive automated alerts and notifications, and inevitably, be more productive.

Nurtures Leads and Boosts Sales

Lead generation is critical, but the efforts must be increased after the leads are generated. Especially in small businesses, every lead must be nurtured to take a significant chunk to the conversion phase. This is the reason the importance of CRM software is huge; it captures more leads and tracks them across the sales pipeline, which helps run targeted campaigns to increase the interest of the prospective customer in the product.  

Improves Client Management

CRM puts you in a position where you know more and can act better for long-term profitability. For instance, with a CRM, you can track your client base and prospective clients' percentages in various sectors, and hence, employ professionals with similar backgrounds for strategic customer relationship management. Moreover, if you know more about your clients, you can train your staff strategically to manage and convert more efficiently.

Helps Track Profitability

CRM software for small businesses helps customer relationship managers and accountants as well. It gives them access to a bookkeeping system, which allows for accurate and error-less reporting. When the employees no longer need to put in manual efforts calculating costs, discounts, and returns, they can be prepared to run operations more efficiently.

According to a SalesForce survey, businesses that switched to CRM experienced a 29% increase in sales. This is because CRM helps you automate many tasks and stay focused on the ones that help generate more sales.

Ensures Regulatory Compliance

Some business processes can be automated using small business CRM when it comes to complying with laws and industry standards. For example, you can train the tool to identify high-risk clients and automatically generate documentation as per the risk score. This reduces the efforts of the compliant team.

Helps Increase Productivity

CRM software for small businesses removes the ambiguity and helps put in time and efforts in the right direction. You can prioritize tasks, nurture profitable leads with analytics, eliminate tedious manual processes, and reduce the scope of error, which eventually increases the productivity multifold. Moreover, CRM helps save a lot of time that would otherwise be wasted on menial tasks, for example, pulling out the contact details of a customer.  

And this is not just a theory; according to a survey by SalesForce, companies who implemented CRM software experienced a 34% increase in productivity.

Businesses that are manually managing customer relationships must realize the importance of CRM and upgrade their strategies. From overseeing client management to employee training to improving customer service, CRM software for small businesses is a sure-fire way to accelerate business growth if used correctly.

Akhil Rajan
Customer Success Specialist
Akhil Rajan is a Customer Success Specialist at Zuper, an intelligent workforce management platform for service-oriented businesses. Working with customers on a daily basis, he has a deep understanding of their needs and pain points and so he is able to contribute to the marketing strategies for Zuper with the content he writes. He writes on topics like how to increase workforce utilization, how to reduce the service turnaround time and increase workforce efficiency, customer adoption, cost reduction strategies, etc - to name a few. He is often found buried in books or playing chess in his free time.

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