$30 - $49 / hr
10 - 49
Sweden, Stockholm
Within 2-3 weeks

4ire Labs research and work on fintech innovative products in Sweden, Denmark, and the USA. 4ire Labs has been working since 2011, that allows them to feel confident in traditional financial and stays the most progressive blockchain dev company in fintech. They work under the holacracy self-organization framework, use lean and agile approaches for their work.

Their business competencies:Fintech / e-wallets / hybird digital wallets/ Remittance/ bonds managment in green market/ digital banking solutions / regtech / assets tokenization & management / financial advisory / financial escrow platforms

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Location and Contacts

Sweden, Stockholm
Estonia, Tallin
Ukraine, Kyiv

Major clients

Hiveonline (Denmark)
Kidcoin (USA)
Bokoredo (Sweden)
Platio (UK)
Smart Documents (Netherlands)
Maitres (Sweden)
Contractland (USA)
Total Security ( Sweden) Crypto Improvement Fund (C...
Agendo (Sweden)
Kepler Collective (Italy)
Rchain (Germany)
Tennagraph (USA)