Nov 23, 2022
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Deal Forma- MVP Web Application

Deal Forma- MVP Web Application

4-6 months
United States, Dover
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The client has been in the pharmaceutical industry and kept a close eye on the industry trends, investments, and deals. During his career, he faced several challenges in data research and acquisition. There was no dedicated platform where a researcher could find all relevant information about pharma deals and investments.


This challenge ultimately led him to a brilliant idea – why not build a platform and help other researchers find the correct information set on a single spot. The client relied on our technical expertise to convert his idea into a working product. Our MVP Development Experts had thorough discussions with the client and finally presented an MVP features-set and design that client loved. Following approval, our engineers and architects converted that mock presentation into an excellent working product that (according to the client) exceeded his expectations in terms of functionality, features, and user experience.


Some key features of the MVP include company profiles, comprehensive data, intelligent power search, map tagging, data export, quality assurance mechanism, and much more. Users can now sign-up and get access to an ever growing database of results that are key for medical reps to stay abreast with local and international developments in the pharma industry. The client was able to raise funding thanks to our MVP and now has a number of major Pharma Companies as their client.