Oct 25, 2022
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Abnormal blink pattern identification

Abnormal blink pattern identification

7-12 months
United States
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Abto Software was approached by a technology provider specializing in biotechnology research to develop a tailor-made mobile application for simplified data management. The solution can be seamlessly connected to medical measuring devices, which test and identify blink patterns, and utilized for further data-driven diagnosis and treatment.


The custom mobile application is designed to display the indicators previously measured by a medical device, which notifies healthcare professionals about abnormal blink patterns that may indicate traumatic brain injury. The application is intended to optimize data management and early disease detection. Utilizing the mobile application, healthcare professionals can access and review all relevant medical indicators. Such indicators may include blink latency, differential latency, eyelid excursions, lid velocity, the time to open and close the eye, as well as overall blink time.


Our client obtained a custom-made product that can be sold to partners interested in operational digitalization. The designed mobile application is an on-demand solution, which might provide interested medical companies with the necessary functionality to optimize data management and improve important processes such as accurate diagnostics and early disease detection. The delivered mobile application: - Accelerates the investigation process - Increases overall personnel productivity