Sep 27, 2023
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AI-based system for bicycle and helmet recognition

4-6 months
United States
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Abto Software was approached by a solution provider to assist in designing a bicycle tracking system and improve cyclist safety. The cooperation has resulted in the successful development of a demo solution, which allows monitoring bikers, non-bikers, speed, and even helmets. The project’s main goal was to design a solution for smart cyclist detection by leveraging artificial intelligence. To catalyze technological transformation, the company was pursuing the mission to popularize bicycle culture and construct an efficient cycling infrastructure.


Our team designed an AI-based cyclist detection program that: - Tracks bikers, non-bikers, speed and cycling helmets - Ensures high recognition and calculation accuracy We covered: a. Dataset preparation At the first stage, to gather traffic information, a camera was placed directly above the multi-lane bicycle track. The camera was capturing both bikers and no-bikers, as well as identifying whether they’re wearing helmets and at which speed they’re moving. b. Algorithm training in three successive stages: – Biker and non-biker detection – Helmet and haircut differentiation – Speed recognition


The initiative has proven the feasibility of further software development of the AI-supported tracking system. The client now has the opportunity to provide the product as a ready-made solution to leaders who specialize in improving public surveillance and safety. The project provides for: - Higher competitiveness through selling a unique, ready-made solution - Public surveillance and safety through monitoring cyclist behavior - More interest in the cycling culture - Enhanced reputation and image of the client company by promoting healthy habits