Mar 15, 2021
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AI-powered Customer Support Automation for European FinTech Corporation

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Our customer is a European FinTech corporation, provider of global digital payment solutions. The company was looking to improve its customer support processes, with the focus on email support, by reducing the cost via AI-powered automation, as well as decreasing response time. We started developing customer support automation solution for them in 2019 and have been working together since then.


We defined key requirements for the AI-driven customer support automation system: 1. To automatically recognize and categorize the intents of the incoming customer emails; 2. To allow the automatic fulfilment of the outlined subset of recognized customer requests. Because not all customer requests could be fulfilled automatically, some of them were just labelled with the correct category and sent to an appropriate customer support agent. For the subset that could be fulfilled, the system had to include an AI chatbot, that would confirm the customer’s intent to change specific data, and UI forms to enter the data.


The selected microservice approach and the technologies used for deployment of the customer support automation system allowed us to build a reliable, secure, and scalable cloud-based solution that helped our client reduce customer support costs while simultaneously increasing the overall customer satisfaction levels due to ensuring timely customer service.
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