Sep 27, 2023
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AI supported jump recognition and analysis

AI supported jump recognition and analysis

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Our client was looking for partners with required technical expertise to deliver an enterprise school platform. The project was centered around integrating jump recognition and analysis by leveraging artificial intelligence to extend an enterprise-level school platform to improve physical health of children at schools.


Our team was aiming to adapt complex algorithms that could: 1. Accurately recognize physical activity in real-time 2. Quickly evaluate & measure performed movements 3. Automatically compare the movements with the reference pattern Abto's engineers were working on using live streams from both: 1. Web cameras from the user’s PC or laptop 2. Front cameras from the user’s smartphone or tablet


We covered: - Business consulting - Solution design and research - PoC development - Integration planning Value delivered to business: Our team has covered business consulting, solution design and research, PoC development, and smooth integration planning to implement jump recognition and analysis for a school platform to improve public health.