Sep 26, 2023
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Computer vision based self-diagnosis telemedicine app

Computer vision based self-diagnosis telemedicine app

7-12 months
United States
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Abto Software has entered into cooperation with the healthcare-focused vendor to help medical professionals notably improve patient outcomes by ensuring personalized treatment and easy-to-follow exercise tutorials. Our team provided human body movement detection to facilitate remote monitoring and value-added, patient-first care by implementing computer vision.


Our engineers were responsible for developing the PoC for mobile human body pose estimation in real-time. The solution should cover different exercises, for example, cervical flexion utilizing face landmark detection (nose bridge, nose tip, chin, tragus, ear, etc.) and angle of flexion, knee extension and flexion, body bending, and others. Abto Software focused on: - The research and identification of the best-suiting approaches for human body detection - The adjustment and implementation of the selected techniques for accurate movement estimation, which facilitate digital care and monitoring


By introducing the solution, our client can achieve: - CV-based application, enabling therapists to treat more patients, scales up business growth - CV-based telehealth, being an on-demand solution, gives a competitive edge The app enables seamless appointment scheduling and direct information transmission to clinicians, accelerating the patient’s recovery The solution can benefit: 1. Healthcare businesses 2. Medical professionals, in particular physical therapists 3. Physiotherapy patients, providing personalized digital care with appropriate guidance