Aug 31, 2022
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Delivering Interactive Decision Model for US Consulting Company

Delivering Interactive Decision Model for US Consulting Company

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United States
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At the very start of the fruitful cooperation, our client was using a solution for assessing financial conditions, initially developed and implemented back in the 90s. The program was designed to analyze financial data, create comprehensive business reports, and make accurate forecasts. But it was already outdated when the software developers, provided by Abto Software, were introduced.


Abto Software worked towards enhancing the client’s software with new functionality and product’s code optimization and refactoring. Thus, before adding new features, we made sure the software behind the Decision Model is maintainable, scalable, and bug-free. The developed decision model app provides data for: - Anytime what-ifs and visualization - Liquidity analysis - Strategic financial planning - Target financial structure - Merger analysis - Non-maturity deposit behavior and pricing analysis - Loan prepayment speed analysis - Assumptions review and documentation of rationale - Backtesting - Concentration risk policy review & development - CECL (Current Expected Credit Losses) & more.


The main goal of our team was delivering new features for Interactive Decision Model. The cooperation’s main objective was to deliver several software applications, including a modeling solution. To cover these tasks, Abto Software provided dedicated software developers with necessary field knowledge and experience. How we helped the client’s business: 1. Decision Model core functionality updated; 2. Increased efficiency; Legacy code refactoring, optimization and modernization, as well as debugging made the Decision Model’s performance faster and made the solution more accurate. 3. System stability The refactored legacy code of the Decision Model provides for increased stability.