Aug 31, 2022
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Delivering reliable EMR system for healthcare solution provider

Delivering reliable EMR system for healthcare solution provider

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The project’s main objective was developing an advanced EMR software for clinics and pharmacies. A fast, seamlessly running EMR solution would provide overwhelmed clinicians and pharmacists with the needed tools to optimize internal processes. Another goal was to integrate the software with official medical databases. These databases include information on drugs, various diseases and diagnoses. Another task we covered was the smooth integration with several insurance companies. The purpose was to make medical insurance coverage verification as easy as possible.


The developed EMR software is designed to provide both clinicians and patients with important medical data. Our solution helps overwhelmed medical workers save time and provide high-quality service. The information, which can be accessed through the electronic health record solution, includes information about appointments, medical history, diagnoses, allergies, and other relevant data. Such a modern system simplifies communication and brings patient care to a new level. The system also provides advanced reporting based on specific inquiries. This feature is of particular importance in terms of delivered business value.


Our team covered the following tasks: - Researched the EMR / EHR market - Designed and implemented an electronic medical record system - Helped the client company to license the product to comply with international medical standards - Launched the EMR system Value of the developed EMR system: - The solution allows the client company to optimize internal processes in a pharmacy chain, which, accordingly, significantly increases business efficiency - It is another advanced on-demand tool, which can be sold to and successfully used by other healthcare providers all over the globe