Sep 21, 2023
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Logistics platform for package & delivery management

Logistics platform for package & delivery management

7-12 months
United States
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Abto Software has entered the cooperation in order to upgrade and modernize the already available solution for package and delivery management in high-density housing environments. Having required technical expertise, our company has covered CRM and SCM development, cloud migration, and automation through implementing computer vision.


The project’s main goals: - To extend the platform with a CRM solution to optimize customer support - To extend the system with an SCM solution to improve logistics management - To utilize cloud computing and provide improved flexibility and scalability - To adopt advanced technology and extend existing functionality Prioritizing previously determined goals, our team: - Developed a CRM system, which optimized customer support - Developed a SCM system, which improved logistics management - Provided smooth cloud migration, streamlining flexibility and scalability - Extended the solution’s capabilities by implementing computer vision


Our engineers: a. Created a monitoring system to track emailing-related issues b. Provided a REST API to verify email addresses c. Created a monitoring system to track SMS-related issues d. Handled the storage configuration to manage email/SMS history The built package and delivery solution provides for: 1. Reduced time and cost 2. Increased security 3. Customer satisfaction 4. Market competitiveness