Nov 30, 2023
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Industrial design process automation with AI

Industrial design process automation with AI

4-6 months
United States
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Automate parts of the company design process using AI technology. Client’s process includes 4 phases and they decided to start with Phase 1 optimization with the objective to improve other phases later on. Another goal of the project was to productize the platform and generate new revenue stream through a SaaS-based subscription model.


Achievion’s team started the project with the Design phase to review the entire production process and identify areas where AI brings the most value. Then we developed future platform architecture and created several prototypes proving technical feasibility of AI techniques. After crafting a unique platform UI, our data science and software development teams built a product that includes the following features: - AI-powered mood board generation based on user prompts - AI-powered image search - Automated image cropping - Photo library management - Project, user and tenant management


The microservice-based architecture of the platform accommodates future enhancements to allow automating other areas of the industrial design process with ease. The final platform reduced the mood board creation time from 4 hours to 5 minutes. On top of that the SaaS model introduced additional revenue stream for the client.