Feb 16, 2023
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Digital Payment System Transformation

Digital Payment System Transformation

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Our client, fintech software solutions company, engaged us to enhance the architecture of their digital payments platform to improve transaction processing reliability and accommodate growing data streams. Ensuring transaction security was also a key requirement. One of expectations was an ML-based anti-fraud solution to automate screening and instantly detect suspicious activity. To stay competitive and attract new clients, the company also requested the integration of cryptocurrency connectors into their payment processing system software.


We improved the reliability and performance of our client's real-time payment management software by migrating to Microsoft Azure and unifying distributed systems. We used Next.js for the application front-end, providing an improved user experience and enhanced SEO capabilities. We developed a flexible fraud prevention algorithm, trained predictive models, and operated Azure Event Hubs and Stream Analytics. The result was a real-time transaction monitoring program that identified correlations between customer data and behavior, allowing the company to make faster decisions, reduce manual work, and verification steps for users.


Reliable and convenient digital payment platform: 1. The real-time payment system now serves approximately 5,000 corporate clients, with a 28% increase in customer engagement due to convenient UX and accelerated data processing. 2. The number of new digital payment software users has increased by 36%. 3. ML-based anti-fraud system accurately detects over 96% of fraud across all transactions.
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Digital Payment System Transformation