May 02, 2023
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Modernization of ERP software for Oil & Gas company

Modernization of ERP software for Oil & Gas company

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An oil and gas company faced challenges with its legacy ERP system, which hindered its operational efficiency and caused delays in its processes. They approached Acropolium to modernize their system and improve their overall performance. The client needed a solution that would allow them to streamline their processes, improve their reporting capabilities, and eliminate manual data entry errors. They also needed the new system to be easy to use, integrate seamlessly with their existing applications, and be scalable to accommodate future growth.


To modernize the legacy ERP system, we aligned project management methodologies and introduced the Agile approach to the client, who was accustomed to Waterfall management. After gaining a better understanding of the technical issues, we focused on project deliverables, including completely new UI/UX designs, an upgraded tech stack, a modernized software infrastructure, and cloud resource use optimization with autoscaling. These improvements greatly reduced bugs, improved system performance, and eased the daily work of employees throughout the company.


The new ERP system helped the client to improve their operational efficiency significantly: 1) Uptime increased to 95%, thanks to a cloud infrastructure overhaul and additional cloud services. 2) 70% fewer bugs reported. 3) A 45% increase in the duration of ERP-related business operations.
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Modernization of ERP software for Oil & Gas company