Jan 22, 2024
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AI-Powered Platform for Creating Presentations​

AI-Powered Platform for Creating Presentations​

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The online presentation product facilitates content creation through an admin panel. Users generate presentation content and, upon completion, open a new window showcasing the ready presentation with slides, content, and images, inviting viewers. The Agiliway development team handled tasks such as constructing the entire project architecture, implementing AWS infrastructure, and creating features like presentation and script editors, custom audio/video players, and real-time communication between presenters and viewers. Additionally, a bot was developed to act as a virtual presenter, and an analytics module was built for presentation summary viewing.


The product consists of CMS, mobile application, and User client.​ The CMS enables AI-driven design and management of presentations, allowing users to add PDF files automatically parsed into slides. It supports video downloads from YouTube, slide editing with a custom editor, and dynamic slide management with multimedia options. Users can record and play audio in the presentation, choose presentation language, translate it, and adjust voice mood. The platform integrates content generation apps and D-ID service for creating "talking faces," letting users select faces for presentations and synchronize them with voice using API during presentations.


The main advantage of this product is that with the help of the AI-based solution you get to quickly build, edit, and deliver presentations in different languages depending on your target audience. The source for your presentation media content can be your personal files, YouTube, or any other source of available multimedia files. Moreover, the platform connects to multiple social media which allows to send personalized invitations to presentations as well as view the analytics after the hosting party.