Jun 09, 2021
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CiviMobile - a Native Mobile App for CiviCRM

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AGILIWAY IS DEVELOPING ITS OWN PRODUCT – CIVIMOBILE APP CiviMobile provides full native performance on iOS and Android platforms using all device-specific hardware. Unlike web apps, it loads quicker, works faster, supports offline mode and delivers more interactive user experience.


CiviMobile is a native mobile application that allows CiviCRM users to leverage the combined benefits of the software and their smartphones. When mobile devices have become our reliable organizers and companions, wouldn’t it be great to use them to improve organizational processes while boosting personal efficiency and time management? Using the mobile app for CiviCRM means easily adding or dialing organizational contacts, managing activities, cases and events – something members need and lack most when doing fieldwork.


Mobility can be extremely rewarding for employees, donors, volunteers, members and other users of CiviCRM. It’s a hard-to-beat benefit that brings with it a myriad of other advantages when embodied within CiviMobile: Organized data Streamlined fundraising campaigns Optimized membership and contribution management Ease of communication Ease of events/cases/activities management Enhanced relationships with all organization constituents