Jan 22, 2024
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Optimizing Electricity Supply Management with IoT-Powered Solution

Optimizing Electricity Supply Management with IoT-Powered Solution

7-12 months
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A leading global player in electrical and building infrastructure aimed to innovate through an IoT project, creating a network of intelligent interconnected devices. This initiative focuses on developing an automated system that empowers facility managers to remotely control diverse electrical supply equipment from various locations. The project faces challenges such as managing numerous devices, identifying system weaknesses, ensuring seamless access, integrating with different operating systems, maintaining a stable connection, tracking Bluetooth Low Energy devices, and implementing secure connections and firmware updates for sensors.


The solution involved developing a WinForms app with strong connectivity and unique identifiers for efficient cloud tracking, automating console commands, and creating a simplified mobile version. Network identification of wireless devices was enabled, ensuring seamless access. Xamarin Bluetooth library facilitated cross-platform compatibility, automated data flow supported continuous improvements, and precise tracking of Bluetooth Low Energy devices was implemented. Customized UIs, security measures through the Prism library, and automated commands ensured efficient parameter manipulation. Leveraging Xamarin's scalability, the system is poised for future-proof updates.


Agiliway developed an IoT-based automation system for the global leader in electrical and digital building infrastructures. The project was built on the Xamarin framework in #C and it provides many advantages such as flexibility, cross-platform combinability, and simplicity. The intelligent motion application for iOS and Android provides comprehensive system information, mobile device remote control, a responsive user interface, preconfigured components, and support for multiple devices. With a flexible, scalable, and secure system, the client showcased a strong presence in the IoT market, leading to sustained revenue growth.