Jun 03, 2022
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Litter detection from a drone

Litter detection from a drone

4-6 months
Saudi Arabia
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Tons of litter objects were dragged by waves to a coastal area, scattering them across a territory of around one thousand square km. Being dispersed across many single islands these objects were quite difficult and costly to identify by a human. Hence, it was required to design and implement an efficient strategy that allowed the detection and collection of litter.


We applied our proprietary computer vision technology for object detection, classification, and segmentation and designed and developed an interactive GIS-based application to display results and operate collection activities. The computer vision detection technology was applied to images captured by a drone. The drone flights were operated by a partnering team that provided RGB images covering the whole territory (the flight altitude was around 50 metres high above the land)


the developed solution allowed to reduce the time required to perform trash detection activities by the factor of 25. This resulted in significant cost savings, halving the overall detection and collection costs. Furthermore, the collection time decreased by a factor of 4 while the automated computer vision solution allowed a 7% higher detection accuracy compared to a human expert. Additionally, this system decreased carbon footprint by a factor of 19.