Feb 07, 2024
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7-12 months
United Kingdom
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Meeting the growing demand for digital health solutions necessitates the development of robust healthcare professional solutions. Here are some key challenges we encountered: 1. Navigating Complex Regulatory Landscape 2. Addressing Data Security Risks 3. Managing Big Data 4. Ensuring Privacy and Security 5. Improving User Experience 6. Resolving Interface Issues


Explore the latest and most innovative features incorporated into the app. Check them out: 1. Immersive UX/UI Design Features 2. Verified User Onboarding 3. Facilitated Social Interactions 4. Seamless Patient Data Collection 5. Event Management & Engagement 6. Sharing Hobby Clubs 7. Integrated Payment System 8. Healthcare Learning Management System (LMS) 9. Rewards System 10. Elevated Professional Connections 11. Dynamic Active Groups 12. Health Activity Tracking


Thank you, Ailoitte & team, for being the driving force behind the success of LINKOMED's MVP launch! Your dedication and teamwork have been truly remarkable. Grateful to witness the seamless collaboration that overcame every challenge during development. Here's to a brighter future in healthcare! Dr. Prashant Bhand Lead product manager