Jul 08, 2021
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Motive Retail: integration automation platform for the automotive industry

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United States
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Motive Retail is a US software company that penetrates innovative technologies to global manufacturers and dealer systems of the automotive industry. Founders of Motive Retail wanted to better collaborate between car manufacturers and dealers across the globe within a single login platform. At the same time, plants exchange documents with dealers and distributors in their daily operations. Both sides have their own standards of creation documents in the XML file format. The industry needed a solution to speed it up, preferably the web. The client wanted us to take global content flows and merge everything into one single platform enabled to store content and manage processes, work globally, and do it under strict hierarchy rules.


Liferay has played the role of storage with a feature to create custom apps (portlets) where you can realize any functionality you want. We created the Liferay-based web portal, which, due to its umbrella structure, provided a well-ordered system of roles and permissions and arranged communication with clients. Each dealer and manufacturer got their personal website to access business information on distribution, prices, agreements, etc. More than 200 websites were created and managed independently on the active portal with differentiation of user access. The integration automation platform allows car manufacturers to share data with dealers across a global, dynamic, and complex ecosystem via tighter system integration within a millisecond instead of several weeks.


We helped to ensure the profitability of partners through dealership standardization of processes with custom automation solutions for business. Integrations helped converge these processes and data into a centralized hub of tools, resulting in better organization, efficiency, and ultimately more deals. The time-consuming labor intensity decreased thirty times.
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