Jul 07, 2021
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RealiseMe: UK’s recruiting platform connecting schools with supply teachers

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United Kingdom
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In Great Britain, supply teaching is widespread, but there are some challenges with hiring. To find a teacher on occasion for a part-time position is complicated. Job websites usually offer all for all, while schools often need a perfect teacher for now. RealiseMe is a recruiting platform that aims to enable supply teachers to be invited for supply booking skipping recruiting agencies. Before Aimprosoft was asked to join the project, RealiseMe had seen three main difficulties. The first one – it is too expensive for schools to invest in advertising for vacant positions. The second one – search algorithms of generic employment-related platforms do not lead to the hoped-for results. The third one – there is no opportunity to make a perfect school-teacher match for the supply job.


Aimprosoft has redesigned the platform for supply job vacancies. A PHP-based website had become out of date and required major changes. Thus, progressive Vue.js turned out to be the face of the website with Node.js at its heart. RealiseMe supports three user categories: schools, teachers, and recruitment agencies that supply sufficient staff to cover part-time positions. Developing one platform for three different roles, we had to avoid useless features and, at the same time to provide ideal search possibilities for everybody. Besides, we used React Native for developing a mobile app for teachers who are in an active seek-and-apply mode.


Aimprosoft developed the platform devoted to making a perfect match. Moreover, we helped a lot of schools in the UK to post jobs for free saving money on advertising costs. RealiseMe mission is to save UK schools £100m per year, by 2024. And we are doing our best to help for achieving this ambitious goal.
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