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An All-in-One Education Solution

Alteredux brings a new digital education and training solution onto the market. Canadian edtech company Alteredux has launched a complete solution that will transform the education sector and reshape the future of education. This combines a web platform with a virtual reality platform. Avatars can be taught in virtual classrooms.

Alteredux enables educators to create courses, add content and attachments, create instructions for students and create a quiz with images, text and Boolean scores.
• Other notable functions of the digital training solution are integrated online video conferencing with sound, video and screen sharing. In addition, student groups can be created instead of virtual classrooms that are accessible via the VR platform.
• Educators create educational games without coding.
• The platform offers solutions for modern education - with the aim of making them usable and accessible for everyone. With Alteredux, educators and trainers can create customizable educational games themselves without having to write a single line of code.
• Communication is highly encrypted
• The platform is encrypted throughout; only the communicating parties can read messages.
• While many features will not be available at the beta launch, Jean-Philippe Lemire, founder and CEO of Alteredux, stated that they will be coming to the official one. Then there are also available: company training, educational games, AI and deep learning.
• Alteredux is currently restricting registrations to the platform via a waiting list plus an invitation system. CEO Lemire said that many invitations had been sent out to beta users and that people were now being put on the waiting list, with warnings that it could take "a few weeks" before they were ready to accept direct registrations.
• In the meantime, anyone who would like to take a closer look at Alteredux's revolutionary educational solution can sign up on the waiting list.

An All-in-One Education Solution

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