May 11, 2023
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Advanced BI Solution for Effective Decision-Making

Advanced BI Solution for Effective Decision-Making

4-6 months
United States
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Banking & Financial Services


1. Remodel the existing database architecture for a specific actuarial modeled product. 2. Consolidate data and enforce its consistency & quality. 3. Roll out advanced analytics and reporting access to corresponding teams. 4. Develop and engineer BI application with appropriate ETL and security protocols. 5. Create a cohesive user experience for the BI dashboard. 6. Ensure compatibility with current and future data sources.


ApexTech experts in business intelligence services built an effective data visualization solution and enriched its functionality with third-party integrations for more effective interaction between users. We introduced a complex architecture and specifically built data lakes, allowing them to collect data across focused markets and internal departments for customized reports. We made outputs of data models understandable and consumable with a top-notch interface so that our client could transform its decision making from “gut” to evidence-based.


1. Dramatically increased efficiency - Automated reports with clear and accurate data. 2. Boosted performance - Business users can annotate & bookmark dashboards for better communication between the underwriters and adjusters. 3. Technical efficiency - Excellent documentation, knowledge management, and data security standards. 4. Revenue growth - Insights from the BI application offer actionable intelligence to internal business users, which help translate this into profitable growth. 5. Strategic Edge - Faster decision-making enabled by actionable insights generated from the advanced analytics of real-time data. 6. Control and quality - One-stop-shop ensures control and quality initiatives that start from research & analysis and disseminate downstream in business decisions.