May 11, 2023
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Insurance automated claims processing solution

Insurance automated claims processing solution

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1. Develop an automated claims management system to enable faster & simpler claims processing. 2. Integrate with customer service and back-office applications to allow managing the processes from within a single interface. 3. Create advanced form builders to offer convenient, personalized self-service. 4. Build workflow and task management functionality to optimize and enhance the existing business processes. 5. Implement a robust backup mechanism to secure the data from any loss or damage.


We delivered an advanced solution that reduces the administrative burden of the claims team, reduces paperwork and service time, and delivers simpler and faster claims servicing to claimants. With a strong focus on reducing turnaround time per claim and improving regulatory compliance, ApexTech designed and implemented an automated claims processing system that enabled effective case management, intelligent task creation, and distribution. Visual workflow tools facilitated the formation of custom processes for claims and underwriting teams. ApexTech helped the client achieve faster time to market, streamline processes, and reach greater productivity.


1. Productivity - Increased capacity and improved business process efficiency. 2. Performance - Shortened turnaround time for claims processing & policy generation. 3. Enhanced customer experience - Simplified procedure of claims submission via self-service, providing a higher level of customer service. 4. Automation - Most of the previously manual tasks were automated. 5. Increased ROI - Reduced cost of delivery for underwriting products.