Mar 08, 2021
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United States, New York
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Custom Software Development
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React Native


- Rewrite project management software with new Meteor version, ES6, modular structure, and more maintainable architecture - Extend the functionality and add various integrations - Improve its efficiency, optimize the workflow, make adjustments - Provide post-release support and further maintenance - Constantly update the software according to customer’s requirements


Actions we took for providing our customers with the A-class result: - Based on the provided documentation, we elicited requirements and defined the scope of work - We conducted the research and analysis of the technologies which can help clients to build a solution of the highest quality - A dedicated team with proven expertise has been established and assigned to the project


Today, Hive is an industry leading company on a mission to improve workplace productivity. We are proud to say that our customers have achieved amazing results and the first client to sign up to Hive still uses it! That’s a case when both the ingenuity of vision and robustness of the toolset burst out and evolved into a well-known platform with thousands of admirers. Since its inception, our dedicated team’s size has increased from 3 to 19 members, as well as Hive’s in-house team. It involves web, mobile and full-stack developers, QAs and tech leads, who manage the activity of each department and guarantee the highest quality of the product. We’re ready to extend a team with needed experts at any time.
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