May 10, 2021
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Digital Transportation System

4-6 months
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Custom Software Development
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Transportation & Logistics
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The Public Transport industry is facing major challenges triggered by the digital transformation of our world: passengers looking for reliable connectivity, operators willing to benefit from in-service data, online companies trying to reach customers on the go. That is why we wanted an app to be as accessible as possible. Our main challenge was in developing an app using a JavaScript framework – Vue3 and TypeScript. It is still new technology but it characterizes by high performance – you don’t have to optimize much so the application functions well.


The application was developed using Vue.js 3.0 and TypeScript. These technologies allow us to easily scale the product and connect with the server easily every second without decreasing the app’s performance. The application was created in the same way as web applications are created based on JavaScript. Except here we had one fixed screen size (no RWD) and no user interaction.


The product was developed before the deadline which made the client’s team really satisfied with our work. After just a few small adjustments the application was ready for users. What was most appreciated by our client? The animations created by us, made the app look even more modern and user-friendly.