May 10, 2021
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2-3 months
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Prismade’s main goal was to show various possibilities of their technology’s usage for business. The client’s team knew exactly what they wanted, they had an idea for the demo app already. After we received the brief and conducted workshops with their team we knew that the biggest challenge will be connecting the mobile app experience with a physical card. Our task was to turn their vision into concrete screens. That is why, we came up with a proposal to base the whole on the real context of the marketplace, which will allow you to feel the experience of a person who enters an m-commerce store and has the opportunity to use a magic card.


Our team was happy to work on real innovation. No one saw anything like this before and it was an exciting experience to work on completely new and innovative technology. The PWA was developed with Vue.js and Prismade JavaScript SDK that greatly facilitates integration with the backend where all the magic happens. And we were happy that Prismade’s team was highly engaged in the development process. All in all, it made our cooperation really smooth.


Our team has started cooperation with workshops, so we could establish the needs of Prismade properly and assess all the necessary tasks. Later on, when needed we communicated on Slack and consulted the most important aspects of the project. Moreover, our project manager, Piotr made sure that every aspect of the product is agreed with the technology as well as the client’s needs. Our skilled crew released the product with success and within the determined deadline. It took us 180 hours and we were satisfied with the result. What’s most important, the client was too! Prismade could promote its smart printing solution with their new demo application, and we hope that our further cooperation will be as great as the start of it!